Easter decoration

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Easter de luxe: Silver Moments and Golden Spring

With Silver Moments you bring elegance to any Easter table. Our silver Easter eggs, for example, harmonize perfectly with one of our wooden candlesticks. Or combine one of our silver vases with plastic tulips or hyacinths.

For those who like it even more luxurious, Golden Spring has the right Easter decoration ready. For example, the golden bowls and vases look especially good with white decoration - be it candles, artificial flowers or an Easter decoration figure, such as Easter egg or bunny.

Springtime Easter decoration: Pure Nature and Copper Trend

Lovers of rustic table decorations should not miss our Easter decoration Pure Nature. Lots of wood and muted colors - that's what Pure Nature stands for. The best example of this is our great Easter bunny made of wood to stand on. But also our lanterns, candles, Easter eggs and other Easter decorations bring rustic flair to the Easter table.

As the name Copper Trend already suggests, this category is all about the material copper. From copper-colored tealight holders to Easter decoration figurines, for example in egg shape or as Easter bunnies, all kinds of gorgeous decoration for the upcoming Easter awaits you here.