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Cereals dispensers

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Cereal dispensers for the buffet - for the eye and the taste

VEGA Müslidispenser Hamshire doppelt GN 1/1

Whether poured, dispensed or spooned, hardly any guests leave the breakfast buffet without a delicious muesli in their buffet bowl. A dispenser from VEGA with a capacity of 4 to 8 liters ensures a sufficient supply with a simple turn of the portioning wheel. The advantages are obvious: staff are spared time-consuming preparation and refilling. Different varieties such as cornflakes, amaranth, oat flakes or crunchy flakes can be identified by the guest at first glance, and the cereals are protected from contamination and environmental influences.

Did you know?

Even stores that offer low-packaging shopping present their goods hygienically and attractively in dispensers. Customers fill their own cereal in the desired dose and transport their goods home unpackaged.

What advantages does a dispenser offer over the usual bowls?

  • In bowls or jars with lids, the cereals are presented to the guest in an appealing way, but the quantity to be held is often not sufficient in larger catering establishments. Cereal dispensers with a capacity of up to 8 liters make work processes much easier for staff, as frequent refilling is no longer necessary.
  • In high-quality dispensers, they present a wide variety of cereals in the best light.
  • The cereals are stored hygienically and remain fresh in the dispenser for a long time.
Did you know?

Airtight sealed, muesli stays fresh longer. Since each muesli dispenser is fitted with a lid and sealed airtight, there is no need for time-consuming decanting and you can keep the muesli in the dispenser - the cereals still remain crunchy and edible for a long time!

What should I bear in mind when cleaning the cereal dispenser?

The dispensers are usually not dishwasher safe. Cleaning with water and mild detergent is sufficient.

Our tip

Make sure that the dispensers are well dried out after cleaning! The filled muesli should not become moist, otherwise it will stick.

How do I integrate cereal dispensers into my buffet?

Since the colorfulness and graininess of cereal in glass dispensers is always an eye-catching feature on any buffet, find a central location for the dispenser. You also need to consider the order in which guests eat breakfast. As a rule, the guest first supplies himself with muesli before reaching for bread or scrambled eggs. All cereal dispensers from VEGA can also be combined with our buffet systems.

If you should have less space at your buffet, you can also find stylish mobile bowls for storing and serving breakfast cereals at LUSINI. We also offer wooden platters or buffet bars for the chutes to display the tall plastic containers in an appealing way.

Did you know?

Cereal dispensers add a touch of worldly gastronomy to any breakfast buffet. Depending on the occasion, you can play creatively with themes or materials and buffet systems. Discover what other buffet styles might suit your foodservice operation in our guide to buffet set-ups.