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Buffet bowls for gastronomy

Buffetschalen in diversen Größen

A bowl of fruit salad in one hand, a bowl of Bircher muesli in the other - guests often make their way from the buffet to the breakfast table with such a load. A versatile and sufficiently stocked assortment of buffet bowls is therefore essential for caterers. Equip your wedding catering, your breakfast buffet or your restaurant with the individually required bowls made of glass, melamine, porcelain or stainless steel. Different materials, depths, shapes and sizes will help create the style and look of your catering establishment.

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A buffet bowl is one of the pieces of tableware that is present in large numbers on buffets. Get inspired by our ideas for different buffet types. Maybe a breakfast buffet or a salad buffet is also worthwhile for your catering business?

What dishes are buffet bowls used for?

Buffet bowls are suitable as tableware for the guest as well as serving bowls for presentation for various dishes. Typical dishes served in buffet bowls include yogurt, cottage cheese, creams, dips, salads, sliced fruits and vegetables, muesli, bircher muesli, fruit salads and cereals. But of course, there are no limits to creativity here.

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Ever served quinoa, avocado, chicken, edamame and broccoli in just one bowl? LUSINI reveals what's behind the hot food bowl trend.

Buffet bowls made of glass, stoneware & more: common materials & their properties

Food such as colored creams and fruit salad are visually particularly accentuated in glass bowls. The bowls can be precooled well. Bowls made of borosilicate glass can also withstand the temperature of heated food such as a warm lentil paste. In terms of handling, glass bowls are a grateful product for staff: they are easy to clean, dishwasher safe and stackable. Glass bowls, however, come not only in timeless transparency, but also colored. Keep your buffet classically simple or vary the design and colors of your glass bowls

Porcelain Porcelain is a ceramic form made from kaolin and quartz and is very durable simply because of its weight. Fancy looks with fine cracks in the porcelain body due to the crack glaze process, irregular speckles or a matt timeless design are possible with the opaque material. Porcelain bowls are stackable and microwaveable. In addition, the bowls are dishwasher safe and therefore relaxed in cleaning.

For caterings and for bowls that are used and transported in high frequency, the very stable and resistant melamine bowls are suitable. They are made of melamine resin, a hard and unbreakable plastic, and defy frequent handling without a hitch. The material is popular with caterers because it is durable, lightweight and allows for many design and styling options. Melamine tableware is mainly used as dinnerware in the catering industry.

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Break and shock resistant as melamine is, it withstands demanding children's hands, especially in the form of children's dishes. Perfect therefore for events where many children are expected.

Made of clay, stoneware bowls have a pleasant feel and sturdy texture. Like porcelain, stoneware is available in a variety of colors. In addition, stoneware bowls are ovenproof, dishwasher safe and microwaveable.

The right bowl for your buffet

Buffet bowls, like the other parts of our porcelain and tableware, differ not only in material, but above all in shape and have a significant impact on the style of a buffet. If you plan to serve cereals and cottage cheese in a large buffet system, bowls that can be inserted into the system for cooling are predestined. Small bowls can be conveniently arranged in a system to save space - ideal for an extensive brunch. Buffet stands require robust and stylish bowls.

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For a lasting impression on your guests, the customizing service from LUSINI individualizes your china.

Accessories for buffet bowls

Lovingly arranged like in grandma's kitchen or presented in a minimalist way - the arrangement of food has a decisive influence on the gastronomic experience of the guests. Versatile accessories fuel the creative design process of restaurateurs and enable the optimal presentation of the trays depending on the application and theme.

  • Buffet stands, buffet displays & buffet systems with or without tray inserts enable a pleasant and space-saving arrangement of the trays.
  • Buffet showcases: present the buffet bowls in showcases, which also protect the food from environmental influences.
  • Lid for bowls: For durability and hygiene reasons, a lid on a buffet bowl is useful. Made of crystal clear acrylic, it still ensures an unobstructed view of the food inside.
  • Serving cutlery for portioning and arranging the food
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Are you offering hot dishes like scrambled eggs or fried bacon at the breakfast buffet? Or are you planning a large holiday buffet? Chafing dishes for keeping food warm or cool are an indispensable element for this. Provide a skillfully arranged selection of stylish bowls and the guests will grab heartily on the spot.