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Porcelain has been around for about 3,000 years - in Europe (Meissen), however, production only began in the 18th century. Meissen porcelain is still the most famous in the world. Mostly porcelain is used for tableware. Due to its noble appearance, it is popular not only among private households, but also in the catering industry.

VEGA designs plates, bowls, serving platters and much more to present your delicacies properly. Our porcelain series are perfect for creating a uniform image on the tables of hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafes. Choose between different styles, colors, materials and shapes to adapt your tableware to the concept of your gastronomic establishment. However, in addition to design, our tableware also convinces with practicality:

  • Oven safe: The porcelain tableware can easily withstand a temperature of up to 300°C. You buy dishes made of stoneware? Then the temperature must not exceed 280°C.
  • Dishwasher safe: No matter how often your dishes are washed in the dishwasher - color and shape remain unchanged.
  • Microwaveable: You can use any dinnerware series in the microwave without hesitation except for one exception: dinnerware treated with the special crack-glaze process is not microwaveable.
  • Food safe: The porcelain tableware products comply with EU Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004, so VEGA tableware is food safe and aroma neutral.
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Customer satisfaction is our top priority at LUSINI. That is why we offer you an availability of several years on many of our VEGA porcelain series. So you can easily reorder damaged parts.

How porcelain is made

VEGA products are of first-class quality and therefore particularly durable. This is due to the selected materials, which retain their original appearance despite daily use.

Our porcelain tableware is made of classic porcelain, the most durable and finest type of ceramic. The term "porcelain" is derived from the porcelain screw. In the past, people believed that porcelain was made of the pulverized shell of the snail. However, it is actually made from quartz, feldspar and kaolin, a fine white clay.

To get porcelain into the desired shape, there are three ways. Either it is pressed from a powdery porcelain mass, poured from a liquid mass or molded from a wet porcelain mass. After molding and subsequent drying, the porcelain is fired for the first time. Of course, the tableware is still missing its individual appearance. With the help of an inglaze, the glaze-coated shards are embellished with decoration. Through the subsequent second firing, the decoration sinks into the melted glaze and is now protected against stresses of all kinds.

Did you know?

In our porcelain guide you can learn more about the white gold.

Our porcelain assortment: Choose from three different quality levels

In addition to normal porcelain, VEGA also offers premium porcelain, which has a higher edge impact resistance, and bone china porcelain. This can be recognized by its creamy white color and is the most noble porcelain.

We pay special attention to the suitability of our porcelain for everyday use in the catering industry: our tableware has reinforced edges and is thus even more break-resistant than household porcelain.

Premium porcelain:
Special manufacturing processes make VEGA premium porcelain even more durable than normal catering china. The surfaces are scratch- and cut-resistant, while the edges are particularly break-resistant. In addition, premium porcelain is particularly easy to stack.

Bone china porcelain:
Noble creamy white distinguishes the noblest variant of our porcelain assortment: The surface of bone china dinnerware appears slightly translucent - a property that the material receives from the admixture of animal bone ash. The edge impact resistance of bone china porcelain is particularly high.

Horeca plates, cups & co. made of stoneware & tempered glass

Alternatives to classic porcelain are offered by earthenware tableware and tempered glass tableware. While earthenware tableware impresses with its individual look, tempered glass tableware is known for its elegant appearance.

At VEGA you can get not only porcelain tableware but also stoneware tableware. Stoneware is very suitable as tableware, because it is more brittle than porcelain, but thanks to the glaze it still convinces with its break resistance. It fits not only to rustic gastronomies, but likewise to hip trendy places.

Tempered glass:
Tempered glass, as the name suggests, is made of tempered glass. Compared to normal glass, tempered glass is increased strength and edge impact resistance. Thus, tableware made of tempered glass is also very stable. Tempered glass weighs less than porcelain and stoneware and is therefore a popular alternative.

Our tip

You are not sure about shape, quality or color? Use our sample service and order horeca tableware to your company. On site you can convince yourself of the material and test the effect.

Cleaning and care tips for your porcelain tableware

  • Make sure you use the right amount of dishwashing detergent to avoid limescale stains and to maintain the shine.
  • You can remove limescale completely with lemon juice or vinegar water.
  • Use a gentle scouring agent or a cleaning agent for porcelain to free dishes from grey streaks caused by cutlery abrasion.
  • Tea or coffee stains can be easily removed with baking soda. To do this, dissolve it in hot water and soak the dishes overnight. Stain removal works just as well with tooth-cleaning tablets.
  • The warm, moist air cannot escape through the closed cycle in the dishwasher and settles on the dishes. Therefore, the ideal solution is to dry with a dish towel made of plain woven, pure cotton. Linens help the dishes to shine more.
Our tip

Change your dish towels regularly to ensure sterility.

Which tableware items should not be missing?

Between various plates, cups, serving platters and jugs, many restaurateurs wonder: what do I actually need? Which tableware pieces you need for your business depends mainly on your concept. If you're running a pizzeria, dishes for pizza and pasta can't be missing. Open a cafe, you will need coffee tableware such as cake plates, teapots, coffee cups and sugar shakers. With our tableware series you will find tableware for every concept: from basic equipment to noble eye-catcher.

How much tableware should you have?

Since things can break quickly in the restaurant business, it's better to be generous with the amount of dishes you have in the beginning. For frequently used dishes, a rough rule of thumb is the number of seats you have times 3.

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Make sure your tableware are individual with the help of our customizing service!

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