The buffet - one system, many possibilities

A buffet is not suitable for any concept - where it fits, it is a popular variant of conventional service. In addition, it offers several advantages: For the guest, who can choose their meals individually, but also for the organizer, because a buffet often comes with less staff. In addition, the food can be presented impressively and exceptionally thanks to various buffet systems. Another advantage: A large number of guests are often provided with a buffet faster. Buffets are particularly popular at major events and in hotels, but other types of business can easily use buffets for themselves.

großzügiger Frühstücksbereich in einem Hotel mit einladendem Buffet

Another advantage is that a large number of guests are often served more quickly with a buffet. Buffets are particularly popular at large events and in hotels, but other forms of operation can also easily use buffets for themselves.

What are the different types of buffets?

Zwei Bilder von einem einladenden Frühstücksbuffet mit reichhaltigem Angebot

The breakfast buffet

A classic buffet style is the breakfast buffet! Almost every hotel offers breakfast in whole or in part in the form of a buffet.So the guest can assemble their breakfast according to their wishes. In addition, the buffet can be prepared in the evening in large parts and it requires less staff than in the midday and evening business. The offer and the choice of food may vary depending on the level of the hotel or the pension. While juices, milk and water are often also offered at the buffet, egg dishes and hot drinks such as tea and coffee are often served by the service staff. In low-budget hotels there is also the possibility to set up a automatic machine, where guests can help themselves with coffee.

What is offered at a breakfast buffet?

  • Different types of bread: Rye bread, white bread, crispbread, pumpernickel, rolls…
  • Various spreads: Butter, margarine, jam, honey, nut nougat cream…
  • Several sausages and cheeses
  • Egg dishes
  • Various cereals: Oatmeal, cornflakes, porridge…
  • Dairy products: Yoghurt, quark, milk
  • Juices: Orange, grapefruit, currant, tomato, carrot, multivitamin

Zwei Bilder von einem schön angerichteten Salatbuffet

The salad buffet

In addition to the breakfast buffet, the salad buffet is often offered in hotels. But some restaurants also use this opportunity to present their salads in the midday and evening business. Here, too, the guest has the advantage of arranging his salad individually from different varieties - so he can choose what he really likes.You can choose from leafy lettuce, vegetable salads and various dressings.

What is offered at a salad buffet?

  • Various lettuce: Lettuce, lollo rosso, endive, lamb's lettuce…
  • Vegetable salads: Potato salad, carrot salad, cucumber salad, tomato salad…
  • Various dressings: Vinaigrette, yoghurt dressing, French dressing, various types of oil and vinegar
  • Additional gifts: Croutons, bacon, olives, onions, tuna, corn, grains, herbs

Zwei Bilder über ein Imbissbuffet mit verschiedenen kleinen Häppchen

The snack buffet

The snack buffet is the typical catering buffet for conferences, receptions, openings and similar events. Therefore, you should make sure in the compilation that the offer is suitable for the intermediate catering and not too heavy. Usually, canapés or sandwiches, finger food, small salads and light soups are offered here.

What is offered at a snack buffet?

  • Canapés in different varieties: E.g. with poultry, fish, egg, cheese
  • Sandwiches: with different types of sausages and different cheeses
  • Small pastries: Nibbles, puff pastry…
  • Finger food: snacks with cream cheese, vegetable skewers, fish cocktails…
  • Light soups: Vegetable soup, broth, cold dishes
  • Salads: Vegetable and leaf salads, fruit salad

Zwei Bilder zeigen zwei ansprechend angerichtete Brunchbuffets

The brunch buffet

Brunch is becoming more and more popular: Many guests enjoy a long breakfast on weekends, and have lunch immediately. In restaurants and cafes that offer the option of brunch, the brunch buffet is usually offered on weekends and public holidays between 10 and 13 o'clock. In addition to classic breakfast dishes, we also present small hot dishes, soups, salads and desserts.

What is offered at a brunch buffet?

  • Parts of the breakfast buffet
  • Small hot dishes
  • Salads: lettuce, vegetable salads,
  • Pastries, creams, cupcakes, pancakes, desserts
Our tip

A brunch buffet is also ideal for small parties such as family celebrations!

Eine Collage aus zwei Bildern, die Festbuffets mit warmen Speisen zeigen

The festive buffet

A buffet is often used at birthday parties and weddings. The buffet can be served in a restaurant, but also in other locations - the food is then delivered by a catering service. At festivities such as weddings, the hosts often find it easier to implement a buffet than a set menu, as guests can choose from a variety of dishes that they like. Personal preferences or intolerances can be taken into account more easily. At a festive buffet usually several courses are offered. Optionally, it is also possible to serve individual courses, such as the soup, at the table.

What is offered at a festive buffet?

  • Various starters: Canapés, finger food, antipasti…
  • Salads: Leaf salads, vegetable salads, side dishes, different dressings, bread
  • Various main courses: Meat, fish, vegetarian, various side dishes
  • Cheese: Different types of cheese, grapes, bread

Eine Collage aus einem reichhaltigen Dessertbuffet und einem ansprechend angerichtetem Fruchtdessert im Glas

The dessert and ice cream buffet

A dessert and ice cream buffet can be offered both in hotels and at festivals. Here are various ice cream and dessert creations on the program, in addition there are also fruits and different sauces to choose from. Even small pastries are well received here. At festivals, the dessert buffet can alternatively be arranged as a flying buffet: The service staff serves a selection of small desserts, from which the guest can choose one or more portions at will.

What is offered at a dessert buffet?

  • Various dessert variations: Creams, tiramisu, mousse au chocolat
  • Various types of ice cream: Fruit ice cream, milk ice cream, sorbets
  • Small pastries, pancakes, waffles
  • Cakes, cupcakes and pies
Our tip

Regardless of the type of buffet you offer, always make sure that all food is well presented and refilled in a timely manner.Otherwise, a buffet looks quickly unappetizing and unprofessional.