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Glass cloches show everything and yet protect the most valuable thing - namely the culinary delicacies that are underneath. They should never be missing from a buffet, because on the one hand they offer guests the opportunity to take a close look at what is available, and on the other hand they protect pastries, cold cuts, cheese, sausage, sandwiches or other delicacies from drying out. Glass cloches in different sizes and with different handles as well as the matching presentation plates can be found at LUSINI.

What are the properties of glass cloches?

Glass cloches are used to present food and dishes and protect them at the same time. The transparent material of a glass cloche gives it its name and its greatest advantage: Because glass clochess are transparent, they allow a clear view of what is underneath. For your guests, this means they can quickly get an overview of the food on offer at the buffet - without having to lift every lid. The glassy look makes cloches a classy highlight on all types of buffets.

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Advantages and disadvantages of glass cloches


  • Transparent
  • Protection against environmental influences
  • Optically noble & high-quality

The disadvantages of using glass cloches are manageable and can be offset with prudent buffet planning. Glass cloches can become quite heavy, and the weight also increases with the size of the glass cloches. That's why it's advisable to go for smaller glass cloches - and place cupcakes, cakes and chocolates separately, for example. It also helps your guests if the glass cloche is easily accessible on the buffet table. In addition, glass can break more easily than plastic, for example. A handle on the glass cloche that is easy to grip minimizes the risk of the glass breaking.

What are the possible applications for glass cloches?

Glass cloches protect what the guests see underneath. Glass cloches are used on many occasions:

At the breakfast buffet
Under the glass domes are usually cookies, cakes, cupcakes and other sweet pastries. Unprotected in the ambient air, these would not only lose their flavor, but also dry out. It is also conceivable to present cheese and sausage specialties under a glass dome.

In the patisserie
Other areas of application are the patisserie, where baked goods are also presented under the glass cloche. Especially handy dishes such as cookies, muffins and cupcakes can be presented well under the glass cloche and encourage customers to take the sweet bites directly with them. It is also conceivable - especially in the morning or at lunchtime - to present savory pastries under the glass cloche. Sandwiches, for example, retain their freshness under the glass cloche and look truly scrumptious.

As decoration
In addition to being a particularly pretty way to present tasty treats at the buffet and in the patisserie, glass cloches can also be used for decorative purposes. If you want to protect decorative pumpkins in autumn and Easter bunnies in spring from dust and thieves, a glass cloche is the right choice. There are no limits to creativity at this point and so - in keeping with the wedding celebration - a romantic decoration with roses or hearts could also be draped under the glass cloche.

Did you know?

To use the glass cloche also for advertising purposes, LUSINI offers the possibility of an individual engraving.

How to combine glass cloches properly

The clear glass dome, which can be removed in an instant, can be placed over a buffet platter made of porcelain, glass, stainless steel, wood, slate, melamine or stoneware. Often, the pastries are also arranged on a cake platter before disappearing under the glass cloche. At this point, the overall arrangement of the buffet determines whether a buffet platter is combined with a glass cloche or a buffet showcase is placed that combines platter and cover.