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Beverage dispensers for the catering industry

Whether freshly squeezed orange juice or trendy infused water - with beverage dispensers from VEGA, you can present juices, lemonade or milk at the breakfast buffet in a decorative and appealing way. For your buffet or catering, VEGA offers a high-quality selection of fine juice dispensers and milk dispensers with integrated cooling and double juice dispensers with passive cooling.

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Beverage dispensers for your buffet

The use of beverage dispensers is worthwhile for restaurateurs in many ways: all types of beverages are always chilled and thus remain fresh for longer. In addition, the guest can supply himself at any time and the amount of packaging is reduced, as the purchase of small milk or juice bags is no longer necessary.

Juice to-go - what are the differences between beverage dispensers?
Whether you place a decanter, a vacuum jug or a beverage dispenser on your buffet is a question of style and taste, but also a question of functionality. Not every variant is equipped with a cooling battery, not every dispenser is suitable for a system.

Beverage dispensers for buffet systems
Beverage dispensers intended for systems cannot be used free-standing, but only in combination with a buffet system. They are already equipped with a drip tray and a collection tray for beverage residues. The integrated or passive cooling ensures that the liquid inside the container always stays nice and cool.

  • Free-standing beverage dispensers: The portable dispensers can be flexibly placed even in catering with limited space. Refrigeration is not provided with these.
  • Decanters: Carafes can be optimally displayed in buffet systems with carafe attachments. Refrigeration can also be installed.
  • Jugs: At seminar events, in training courses or meeting rooms, the vacuum jug for coffee or tea performs perfectly. It can be passed by hand, has a perfect temperature and is easy to handle.
Did you know?

It doesn't always have to be the breakfast buffet. Find out whether themed menus or other buffet types would also be an alternative for your business in our guide on buffet types.

Stainless steel & acrylic juice & milk dispensers

Filled in acrylic containers, placed on wooden or stainless steel feet - juice dispensers or cereal dispensers enhance any breakfast buffet. VEGA completes your harmonious buffet design with beautifully shaped beverage dispensers for milk and juice. Find a wide variety of fill sizes and models.

  • Juice dispenser: Due to their colorful appearance, our juice dispensers not only refine every buffet, they also offer guests the possibility to choose between different juices and to tap them themselves. The containers made of crystal-clear acrylic hold between four and eight liters, the functional stainless steel parts such as tap and drip tray guarantee durability. Cooling accumulators provide for optimally tempered beverages.

  • Milk dispenser: The milk dispensers made of high-quality stainless steel are always equipped with drip tray and drip grid as well as integrated cooling function. At long tables, they offer easy access to the milk thanks to the tap.

Decanter or beverage dispenser: What advantages does a dispenser offer me?

The decanter is effective at manageable events and is hip in small cafés, while the vacuum jug is indispensable in catering or at seminar events. With increasing event size and number of guests, beverage dispensers or decanters for buffet systems score points. They hold significantly more than the smaller jugs and therefore need to be refilled less frequently. Since the dispensers have fixed places in the buffet system, they can always be found by guests and are easily accessible. A smooth and relaxed workflow for your catering staff is also guaranteed.

Our tip

It is best to wash the dispensers by hand with dishwashing detergent and water and do not put them in the dishwasher. Clean the beverage dispensers after each use to avoid unsightly deposits and to maintain hygiene standards.