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Celestial Desserts

Celestrial Desserts

The "celestial desserts" are created in the stillness of the forest, where the moonlight gently streams through the branches and the stars set the rhythm of the night. The plates from the Gironia and Snug series and the Magazzolo wooden platter provide a stage for desserts that seem to come from another world. The interplay of delicate porcelain and the down-to-earth warmth of wood takes your guests into a world where every bite whispers of ancient legends and every spoonful draws them deeper into the magic of the forest.

Geschirr von VEGA
Teller mit niedrigem Rand Snug
Whiskyglas Alkemist und Speisenbrett Magazzolo
Pastateller Gironia
Taste of Style LUSINI
Taste of Style LUSINI
Taste of Style LUSINI
Taste of Style LUSINI