Comfortable workwear for your nursing team

Die Care Collection von JOBELINE in der Farbe grau
Die Care Collection von JOBELINE in der Farbe grau
Die Care Collection von JOBELINE in der Farbe grau
Die Care Collection von JOBELINE in der Farbe grau

Whether shop the set or mix & match: With the new tunics, trousers and sweatpants from JOBELINE you always make the right choice. Because we at JOBELINE know that it's more than just a uniform. Our proprietary fabric technology features the best combination of materials with 69% Lyocell (Tencel™) and 31% PES (Sorona® Agile) for maximum durability and function to withstand the demands of healthcare professionals' work without sacrificing comfort. The customizing option makes each garment unique - whether with your personal logo, lettering or name. The JOBELINE Wellness & Care Collection is available for women in sizes XS - 2XL and for men S - 3XL.

We firmly believe that design, comfort and function are non-negotiable - both during and after work. Let us inspire you and convince you of our new, sustainable and sporty collection for medical, nursing and cosmetic staff.


Damenkasack Terni von JOBELINE
Women's tunic Terni

Women's and men's tunic Terni & Teramo

  • Modern polo shirt look with stand-up collar and button placket
  • 2 spacious, side pockets
  • Optimal freedom of movement and climate regulating
  • Available for ladies and men

To the women's tunic Terni
To the men's tunic Teramo

Herrenkasack Teramo von JOBELINE
Men's tunic Teramo
Damenhose Matera von JOBELINE
Women's trousers Matera

Women's and men's trousers Matera & Pesaro

  • 2 inside back pockets with zippers
  • 2 side pockets
  • Fully elastic waistband with ties
  • Casual cut with trouser leg tapering to the bottom

To the women's trousers Matera
To the men's trousers Pesaro

Herrenhose Pesaro von JOBELINE
Men's trousers Pesaro


Damenkasack Aversa von JOBELINE
Women's tunic Aversa

Women's and men's tunic Aversa & Fabriano

  • With breast pocket
  • Easy to put on and take off thanks to stretch content
  • Breathable and climate regulating
  • Available for men and women

To the women's tunic Aversa
To the men's tunic Fabriano

Herrenkasack Fabriano von JOBELINE
Men's tunic Fabriano
Damensweatpant Sora von JOBELINE
Women's sweatpant Sora

Women's and men's sweatpant Sora & Bari

  • Fully elastic waistband incl. ribbons for tying
  • Spacious, flat cargo pockets on the legs
  • Breathable and climate regulating
  • Fit with slightly tapered trouser leg incl. discreet color-contrasting cuff

To the women's sweatpant Sora
To the men's sweatpant Bari

Herrensweatpant Bari von JOBELINE
Men's sweatpant Bari


Damenkasack Paola von JOBELINE
Women's tunic Paola

Women's tunic Verona

  • With practical drawstring in the back for quick adjustment of the waist size
  • With 2 patch pockets incl. pen pockets
  • Easy to slip into like a shirt thanks to stretch content

To the women's tunic Verona

Damenkasack Verona von JOBELINE
Women's tunic Verona

Women's tunic Paola

  • Breathable and climate regulating
  • With V-neck and spacious side pockets
  • With stretch content for optimum freedom of movement
  • With wide, striped cuff at the hemline

To the women's tunic Paola

Sustainability with a good feeling


Tencel™ is the brand name for the fiber Lyocell. This is obtained from the renewable raw material wood. During production, the pulp is dissolved in an environmentally friendly process and spun into fibers. Due to its natural origin, Lyocell is considered particularly environmentally friendly. In addition, it requires no artificial irrigation (only one-twentieth of the water needed for conventional cotton) and pesticides can also be largely dispensed with. Tencel™ is robust, breathable, temperature-regulating, abrasion-resistant, largely odorless (antibacterial) and also pleasantly soft to the touch.

Sorona® Agile

Sorona® Agile is the new standard for stretchy, comfortable activewear. It is an excellent substitute for spandex, retains its original shape longer and is wrinkle resistant. It is partially plant-based, which significantly reduces its impact on the environment. It is also certified by the Sorona® Common Thread Fabric Certification Program to ensure the provenance and high-performance standards of this innovative, sustainably sourced fabric. During physical exertion, it optimally wicks moisture away from the body. In addition, it is kind to the skin, offers maximum wearing comfort thanks to its elasticity and is pleasantly soft to the touch.

Also discover the Explorer work shoe from JOBELINE

The stylish Explorer work shoe from JOBELINE makes everyday work easier and offers maximum comfort. This makes work almost a matter of course.

Banner für den Schuhe Explorer von JOBELINE

Banner für den Schuhe Explorer von JOBELINE
Banner für den Schuhe Explorer von JOBELINE
Banner für den Schuhe Explorer von JOBELINE