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Are you hosting a birthday party or a wedding in your establishment? You run a noble hotel, a rustic inn or operate a hip bar? For every occasion and every environment you can get the right shot glasses in the LUSINI online shop. From elegant aperitif glasses to traditional grappa tulips and straight shots: Our product designers create shot glasses that stand the test of time, both visually and practically, in any catering establishment.

VEGA shot glasses have these features:

  • Robust & shatterproof
  • High quality glass
  • Dishwasher safe

What are the different types of shot glasses?

Shot glasses:
Usually, very classic shot glasses are cylindrical in shape and have a solid bottom with thin walls. They are sturdy and good for parties. They are usually used to serve spirits such as Jägermeister, Sambuca or clear fruit liqueurs. They usually have a calibration mark at two or four cl.

Digestif glasses: A digestif is also known as a digestive liquor. With their long stem and tulip-shaped goblet, digestif glasses look very elegant. Serve vodka, fruit brandy or Jägermeister as a digestif. However, you can also use a regular shot glass as a digestif glass.

Aperitif glasses:
An aperitif is the opposite of a digestif, as it is served before the meal. Aperitif glasses can have different shapes depending on the type of aperitif and the model of the glass. Some restaurateurs also serve cocktails such as Campari Orange or Aperol Spritz as an aperitif.

Martini glasses:
Martini glasses have a long stem and a tapered drinking bowl. They are used for martinis, as the name suggests, but also for various cocktails such as White Russian or Bloody Mary. Smaller shapes of martini glasses are used as liquor bowls to better drink thick liquors like eggnog or strawberry limes

Grappa glasses:
Grappa glasses have a similar noble shape as digestif glasses, but are more bulbous. This allows the schnapps to develop its flavor perfectly. The 37 percent strong classic spirit from Italy is enjoyed from a grappa glass.

Our tip

Give your new glasses a personal, individual touch with a personalization. Have your new shot glasses engraved with your logo or lettering of choice and stand out from the competition.

What is the capacity of the different shot glasses?

  • Shots are usually served in a shot glass filled to the first mark: that is 2 cl, or 20 ml of a liqueur or spirit. If a guest orders a "double", he gets 4 cl. Shot glasses are around 7 cm high and have a diameter of up to 5 cm.

  • An aperitif glass suitable for Ramazotti or Averna is up to 15 cm high because of the thick bottom. The round glass has a diameter of 6 cm and can be filled with up to 130 ml of liquid. Aperitif glasses for cocktails remind of a white wine glass in terms of shape. They have a capacity of up to 260 ml, but usually do not have a mark by a filling line.

  • A digestif glass measures up to 20 cm in height because of the long stem. It includes a filling capacity of up to 80 ml and has a diameter of approximately 6 centimeters. Digestifs usually includes 2 cl of the respective spirit.

  • Martini glasses have a capacity of approximately 100 to 250 ml, depending on whether the glass is used more as a liqueur bowl or cocktail glass. They are up to 20 cm high and have a diameter of up to 12 cm.

  • Grappa glasses can hold up to 90 ml, but the common serving size of this grape marc brandy is 20 ml, or 2 cl.

Did you know?

The filling line or colloquially also called calibration line is regulated by the consumer protection. It must be horizontal and at least 10 mm long. Depending on the glass it has to keep a certain distance to the edge of the glass.