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Stretch-Stehtischhusse Selm von ERWIN M.

Table covers - adaptable and changeable

Tables come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so the covers for them must also be available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Besides covers for square, rectangular, oval and round tables, there are also special covers for bar tables. These bar table covers are longer than the usual table covers, so that even these higher tables can be elegantly wrapped up to the floor. Besides color, shape and size, covers differ especially in drape and fold. Whether you choose covers with pleated fold, ruffle fold, basement fold, accordion fold or covers without fold is a matter of taste and the occasion. However, it is certain that tables with slipcovers always look stylish and inviting. Your tables will look especially elegant if you use beautiful tablecloths in addition to the slipcovers. This will give your furniture a special touch that will delight your guests.

Stuhlhusse Homero mit 1 Schleife von ERWIN M.

Chair covers - elegant upholstery protection

Just like table covers, chair covers are available in a wide variety of designs. Particularly modern, however, are covers that, thanks to their stretch content, fit like a second skin to the respective shape and size of the chairs. This type of chair cover also has the advantage that it does not slip and offers both seating comfort, a great look and easy-care properties. With this in mind, stretch chair covers are becoming increasingly popular. When it comes to covers - whether chair cover or table cover, then not only your own taste should decide, but also the location that you want to embellish with the help of the covers should be considered. In addition, you should make sure that the selected covers are easy to clean, washable at the highest possible temperatures and non-iron, because this way they are always quickly ready for use and let the furniture shine in the best light. Browse our online store now and find the perfect covers for your location.