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Table runners

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What is a table runner?

Gedeckte Tische mit bordeux farbigen Tischläufern Breda von ERWIN M.

A table runner is very narrow and elongated and is placed over a tablecloth or directly on the table surface lengthwise over a dining table. That is why the runners are also called table runners. Table runners belong to table linen or hotel linen and, like placemats, are part of table decoration. Thus, the long runners made of fabric usually have a dual function. On the one hand, they decorate a festively set table, on the other hand, they protect the table or tablecloth from dirt.

Table runners made of different materials are used in the catering industry. Classically, table runners are made of cotton or polyester.

Table runners modern - what distinguishes them?

Classic table runners are white and made of cotton. Modern cotton table runners are also available in other colors. Thus, a table runner can be black or even red, as well as in the modern interpretation of the table ribbon also other textiles than cotton are used, such as polyester, linen, imitation leather or plastic. In this way, you have even more options in your café or restaurant to make your tables look appealing. Here at LUSINI you benefit from an assortment that meets both classic and modern demands.

How to care for and clean table runners?

For the cleaning and care of your table runners, check the care label and the manufacturer's instructions beforehand. In our product descriptions on the website you will also find the most important care instructions. Since our table runners are developed for the catering industry, they can usually be washed in the washing machine even at high temperatures. This is especially true for products made of cotton and polyester.

What is an envelope hem?

This feature has especially very elegant versions of table runners. In this case, the fabric of the runner is sewn in the corners so that an angle bisecting line is created, just like on the back of a letter. You will also find a wide selection of table runners with envelope hem. Feel free to look at the product images for it.

Buy table runners - what you should consider

If you should buy table runner, the following is Important:

  • What material should the runner be made of? If you already use cotton tablecloths, the table runner should ideally also be made of cotton.
  • Should the runner be used without or with a tablecloth? If you want to show off the table tops of your fine wooden tables, a table runner can make for a very appealing visual accent.
  • How large are your tables? The table runner must also be chosen to be correspondingly long, so that it can be laid across the table like a ribbon.
  • What color should the runner be? The table runner should, of course, perfectly match your interior and furnishing style. You can filter here in the store, for example, conveniently by color.

Discover now table runners for the catering industry or your home in a large selection online and order conveniently.