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  • Cotton
    Cotton is characterized by high resistance: Textiles made of cotton fibers are very resistant to tearing and abrasion. Cotton can be washed at high temperatures, but colored cotton may lose color intensity over time if washed too hot.

  • Linen.
    Contrary to what is often assumed, linen is not particularly high-maintenance. Linen fibers are long staple and therefore have a very smooth surface. This makes the material hard-wearing and makes it harder for dirt to penetrate the fibers.

  • Polyester
    Polyester fabric can be inexpensive, but it does not have to be. Depending on the quality, polyester can be very high quality and bring certain properties that natural fibers do not have without additional treatment.

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In order to achieve an optimal washing result, we have compiled basic tips for the care of your linen products. This will not only save you time and money, but will also protect the environment.

You can find more information under: care tips

Is it worth having your own laundry?

Hoteliers and restaurateurs in Germany are increasingly relying on their own laundry to supply clean and well-kept linen to hotels and restaurants. What are the arguments in favor of purchasing a washing machine and dryer for your own hotel business? Are there any disadvantages to doing the laundry yourself? Our tips will help you find the right measure for your hotel laundry - whether it's an external laundry service provider, an in-house laundry or your own laundry for specific textiles such as towels or napkins.

Learn more about the pros and cons of the in-house laundry trend.

Planning your own hotel laundry

Around 21 percent of German hospitality businesses wash all their laundry in-house. Almost one in two hotels say they do some of their laundry in-house (48 percent), because the required linen is available again quickly and the business has direct control over the wash quality and hygiene of the laundry. However, careful planning of the space, equipment and workflows involved in having your own laundry should not be underestimated.

We tell you what you need to consider when planning a home laundry.

Hotel linen - rent or buy?

Some restaurateurs and hoteliers choose to purchase the textiles, but outsource the washing to a service provider. Others give only a portion of the laundry to a laundry service.

From complete renting of all required textiles, to partial rental, to renting as needed, there are a variety of contract models for rental linen. Rental linen is always washed as well, so you don't have to worry about a laundry.

For more information, please visit: rental-laundry-or-purchase-laundry

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