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Workwear for nursing, large canteens, wellness or housekeeping

Pflegebekleidung von JOBELINE

Cleanliness, routine and reliability: In care as in medical or cosmetic treatment rooms, in housekeeping or in the wellness area, the same maxims apply to both the staff and their workwear. The JOBELINE brand equips employees of commercial kitchens, hotels, spas, medical practices or care facilities with workwear that is as efficient, hygienic and conscientious as the employees themselves. The catering and service industries benefit from JOBELINE's intelligent solutions for care clothing.

From head to toe: functional nursing clothing

At LUSINI, we equip you optimally for your profession, whether in nursing, nursing homes, doctors' offices or in the housekeeping and wellness areas of hotels.

Pflegebekleidung von JOBELINE

Chic & practical: these are the strengths of our nursing garments

  • Fashionable, fresh cuts
    Serious, but not boring: our product developers attach great importance to new, modern cuts of pants and tops. Old-fashioned styles give way to sophisticatedly cut V-necked chasubles. The pants for nursing, doctor's office or housekeeping are available as chinos, jeans or cloth pants. Service personnel and nursing staff should feel comfortable in their work clothes, although nursing clothing must meet certain practical requirements. Our collection therefore combines current market research and fashion sense to design the ideal care clothing for employees in care and hospitality.
  • Comfortable to wear.
    Lifting, bending, cleaning and purging - as varied as the activities in care and service are, as numerous are the movements that personnel in these professions have to perform every day. Our nursing clothing offers optimal wearing comfort through cut and material. Our nursing clothing for men and women adapts to different body shapes through regularfit and slimfit cuts. In addition, we use material that is comfortable on the skin as well as breathable and heat-regulating. Our care garments are therefore made of cotton, cotton blend, seersucker or Tencel©.
Did you know?

Tencel© or also Lyocell is generally referred to as the fiber of the future. The material is obtained from sustainably produced eucalyptus wood, which requires less water than the cultivation of cotton. In addition, eucalyptus plants do not have to be sprayed. Tencel© absorbs moisture particularly well and is characterized by a silky, wrinkle-free texture.

  • Hygienic & easy-care.
    Sterility and cleanliness play a major role in all areas of the hospitality industry: special requirements are naturally placed on housekeeping staff, who have to clean guest rooms in hotels or damp areas to a flawless standard. Easy-to-clean workwear is a huge relief for staff in this environment. The same applies to the care sector or service areas in commercial kitchens, retirement homes, doctors' offices or other medical facilities. Our nursing clothing withstands frequent washings from 40°C due to the durable manufacturing - so your nursing clothing is always clean and ready for use.
Our tip

The special Sanitized© material of the shirt series Cato inhibits the multiplication of bacteria and germs on the surface of the care shirt already during wearing. So you wear the shirt the whole day - without unpleasant odors!

  • Occupational safety
    Hectic or stress during duty leads to the most frequent accidents at work. JOBELINE's nursing apparel minimizes some risks with thoughtful cuts and features. Our nursing shoes are equipped with non-slip soles. At the same time, they provide firm support, yet are suitable for long days on your feet.
Did you know?

You should not only keep an eye on the safety of your employees to prevent accidents in the wellness area or care area. Which guidelines for occupational safety still apply, we reveal to you in the guide.

  • Personalizable
    Corporate fashion is currently on everyone's lips, but uniform nursing apparel and hospitality clothing has been around for years. LUSINI enables a uniform appearance of your nursing staff, service staff and housekeeping staff through the favorable customizing service. We can embroider logos on jackets, polo shirts, or doctors' coats, or personalize the individual garments for each staff member. Screen printing or foil printing is also possible at LUSINI.