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Overview: Collar shapes

What are the shapes of collars? Shirts, blouses, shirts, jackets and polo? All information about collar shapes here in the overview.

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These collar shapes you should know

One of the most distinctive design elements in shirts, blouses and jackets is the collar! Depending on the shape of the collar, the garment says something about its wearer and the environment in which he moves. Of course, this also applies in the catering and hotel industry! Because even in workwear for the kitchen, service and reception, the collar is a detail that immediately catches the eye.

Kent collar

A true classic: the Kent collar! This collar shape is typically used on men's shirts. But the Kent collar also looks good on blouses. The Kent collar is a real all-rounder and can be worn in almost any hospitality concept. Due to its classic appearance, it fits both elegant restaurants and more casual concepts.

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JOBELINE Women's blouse Delano long sleeve
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JOBELINE Men's shirt Bruce short sleeve
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JOBELINE Women's blouse Kim long sleeve

Button-down collar

The special feature of the button-down collar is that the collar points are fastened to the shirt or blouse with buttons. Combined with a bow tie or necktie, the button-down collar looks very elegant, but it can also be worn well in the less classic restaurant business. A special eye-catcher are chef jackets with button-down collar.

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JOBELINE Men's shirt Chambray
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JOBELINE Women's chef jacket Advanced
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JOBELINE Men's shirt Jona

Lapel collar

A lapel collar is the front edge of a collar that is turned inside out. The lapel fold extends the actual collar. This visually stretches the proportions of the wearer. The lapel collar is typical for jackets. It is also often used for jackets or blazers. The lapel collar fits especially well into elegant and classic concepts. However, service vests with lapel collars can also be seen in more casual hospitality concepts.

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JOBELINE Men's vest Pinstripe
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zwei Managerin in klassischen Bussinessoutfits  mit Blazer unterhalten sich
JOBELINE Women's blazer Carina

Stand-up collar

The trademark of the stand-up collar is the missing collar wings. The stand-up collar is classically used on chef jackets - but service jackets with stand-up collars are also popular. The stand-up collar looks very elegant on blazers for female reception or service staff in upscale hotels or restaurants.

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JOBELINE Men's service jacket May
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JOBELINE Women's blazer Mona
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JOBELINE Men's chef jacket Adam

Polo collar

The polo collar is the sportiest type of collar. As the name suggests, this collar is mainly found on polo shirts. These are especially popular in the summer, not only in the private sphere, but also in the gatronomy. Polo shirts are mainly worn in casual concepts - in fine dining restaurants, the polo shirt is a no-go.

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JOBELINE Women's polo shirt Oliver short sleeve
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JOBELINE Men's polo shirt Fly
zwei Kellner tragen eine Kombination aus Poloshirt und Denimschürze
JOBELINE Women's polo shirt Cato

Looped collar

The name of this collar is derived from the ribbon that decorates the collar. This collar variant is very feminine and gives female service personnel the opportunity to wear their workwear in a more playful way. At JOBELINE, the loop is not sewn on, but can be fixed under the collar with the help of a loop. Thus, the blouse can be worn either with or without a loop.

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JOBELINE Women's blouse Jean