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Our quality standards for furniture

Horeca furniture has to withstand a lot in everyday use! That's why we place the highest value on quality, safety and durability when developing our furniture.

Möbelqualität unserer Produkte werden getestet und entwickelt.

How we ensure the highest quality

Horeca furniture has to withstand a lot in everyday use! That's why we place the highest value on quality, safety and durability when developing our furniture. Our products are created with great attention to detail - function and design always go hand in hand. Only when designers, product managers and you as a restaurateur are enthusiastic, we are too!

Materials in horeca quality

When selecting materials, we place great emphasis on high quality: much of our furniture is made of solid wood, which guarantees maximum stability and a long service life. But all other materials we use also meet high quality standards, so that you and your guests can enjoy them for a long time. The materials of our furniture go through strict tests to meet the tough requirements of the catering industry. In the process, they are tested in the test laboratory for various situations from everyday catering - only furniture that passes these tests is finally included in our range.

Safety first


Chairs and benches are exposed to high loads in the horeca industry. That is why we test our seating furniture particularly carefully.

  • Tilt resistance
    We test all our seating furniture for tilt resistance in accordance with the EN 1022 standard. Here, the seating furniture is subjected to a specific load on the backrest. Thereby the object must not tip over.
  • Load capacity
    The maximum load capacity of our seating furniture is 160 kg per seat. In long-term tests, we ensure that the furniture can withstand this load permanently.
  • Fire protection
    Our upholstered furniture meets the most important European fire protection standards required for hotel or restaurant furniture. This greatly minimizes the fire risk for furniture.
  • Durability
    All our seating furniture is tested for durability according to the EN 1728 standard. The seat and backrest must withstand 100,000 load cycles. Thus, in 8 days in the test laboratory, up to five years of use in the catering industry is simulated.
  • Useful life
    Our seating furniture is very durable and will last for many years under average use. This long service life is simulated and tested in the testing laboratory.

Quality tests for upholstered furniture

Verschiedenfarbige Samtstühle in einer Reihe

Upholstered furniture is more delicate than furniture made of wood or other materials. Nevertheless, durability is also important here: our upholstered furniture complies with the most important ISO standards and is therefore ideally suited for the hospitality industry.

  • Abrasion resistance
    The ISO 12947-2 standard specifies the abrasion resistance of an upper material based on the Martindale method. This method simulates natural use through friction.
  • Lightfastness
    The ISO 105 B02 standard specifies the lightfastness of an outer material. This involves exposing the material to an artificial light source for an extended period of time.
  • Abrasion resistance
    The ISO 105 X12 standard tests the abrasion resistance and solvent resistance of a upper fabric. Two tests are provided, one by rubbing with a dry fabric and the other by rubbing with a wet fabric.
  • Pilling resistance
    The pilling resistance of a material is defined in the ISO 12945-2 standard. Here, a special device is used to simulate the linting of a fabric.
Our tip

Even with high-quality materials, proper care is important. To keep your furniture beautiful for a long time, you should inform yourself about the care properties of your furniture and clean it regularly.