Beautiful and useful at the same time: Greenery decoration turns your restaurant green

You love greenery and want to beautify your pub, restaurant or café with a fresh, natural decoration in your favorite color? The Greenery trend creates a lively atmosphere in your guest rooms and communicates your responsibility for healthy enjoyment and natural ingredients to your guests.

Collage aus Dekotipps mit Pflanzen

5 decoration tips for your restaurant with the Greenery concept

With these 5 decoration tips you can set the stage for your catering business in green and combine decorative cushions, planters and decorative bowls with the trend color Greenery. If you are organizing larger celebrations such as weddings or birthdays, the decoration trend is also suitable for table decorations and room decorations.

1. Star aria in natural rattan, wood or water hyacinth pots

Blick in ein Restaurant mit einem vertikalen Garten

It doesn't always have to be clay and terracotta: Of course, wood is a perfect match for Greenery, so that plant pots look very beautiful to the rich yellow-green of the star leaves. Rattan winds its way in clean circles around the plant pot, so with golden and copper candle holders it goes well with a very dignified interior design. The coloring of the rattan pots should be based on the wood color of your furniture. Water hyacinth plant pots have a characteristic wickerwork structure and work best in minimalist and modern rooms with clear edges. Wood-look cachepots look particularly good in casual cafés and bohemian bars and perfectly set the stage for large plants.

Our tip

With a narrow watering can, you can water your plants reliably without damaging the cachepots made of natural materials.

2. Green Still Life with vases and glasses

In a corner of your dining room there is a little space for a plant arrangement? Group a still life of vases, eucalyptus twigs, palm fronds or monstera leaves. Choose different vases and glasses that you like. An uneven number of vases creates an appealing asymmetry that is further enhanced by the different sizes and heights of the vases. Place your favorite vase in the middle and arrange the others around it - the highest to the rear to create a nice perspective. You can then fill some of the vases with individual green leaves, twigs or flowers as you like.

Eine Collage mit Bildern von Pflanzen in Vasen, Gläsern und Übertöpfen
VEGA Decorative arrangement Kisha 3-piece
Our tip

Give your leaf arrangements new water every day. So the vases always look clear and clean.

3. One bowl, a thousand of plant species

verschiedene Sukkulenten in einer Schale gepflanzt

Different leaf shapes and plant sizes add dynamism to the arrangement. It is important to make sure that the plants get along with each other if you decide to plant several plant species in one large pot. In a large bowl, the Mediterranean herbs lavender, oregano, thyme, sage and rosemary get along very well. The bowl not only exudes a wonderful scent on a windowsill in the guest room, but also looks very beautiful due to the different plant species. Would you rather add a tropical touch to your restaurant? You can easily plant different succulent species in a large bowl, because they all need the same care. The different green florets differ in their shape, are pointed, round, rich green or covered with silvery hairs.

4. Vertical garden in airy heights

Blick in ein Restaurant mit einem vertikalen Garten

If you have high ceilings in your rooms, Greenery decoration at lofty heights is the perfect choice: With a special suspension, which makes use of the holes in commercially available clay pots, you can fix three flower pots on top of each other and hang them from your ceiling. The metal holder used for this purpose holds the various plant pots at different heights to create a beautiful effect. This idea is particularly suitable for inns and restaurants that want to keep the floor free of plants. Plant the pots with grasses, lilies or herbs according to your taste. However, the pots must not hang too high so that the plants can still be watered well.

5. Plant forest from light green to dark green

Very appealing are plants of different sizes, if they stand close to each other and form a small "jungle". Do you have a corner in your dining room that is too narrow for a table or other use? Green this area with star orchids, birch figs, green lilies, ornamental grasses or cobbler palms in various pots. The different shades of green create a fresh and dynamic decoration concept that more than lives up to the Greenery name. The green oasis looks even more cheeky and lively if you use decorative pots in different patterns and colors.

Our tip

Some plant species are particularly well suited to the Greenery trend in restaurants because they have a positive influence on the indoor climate. This effect increases when there are different plants in the room. Choose plants that do not require much water or fertilizer, so that the maintenance effort remains low.

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