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Greenery tips from a professional

Interview with florist Diana Fink

Wooden boxes with plants and decoration

Editor: Plants always need care and attention. What do restaurateurs have to consider when decorating with plants?

Diana Fink: Very important: The location! Not every plant feels at home in every place. Some plants need more light than others, others want to be watered more often. Before the decoration concept is switched to Greenery, restaurateurs should contact a florist to find out about the care requirements of the plants. Only plants that feel good will look good. An expert can give good advice and find the right plant for every location.

Floristin Diana Fink

Editor: If you have selected the right plants, which Do's and Don'ts should you have in mind?

Diana Fink: A very clear Do: The more, the better! Greenery lives from the variety and quantity of plants. Many different plant species should be combined and placed in groups so that an authentic picture develops. This also results in the most important don't: Distribute plants individually in the room. The plants then appear lost and the typical Greenery feeling does not appear. Those who only have room for a few individual plants should rather opt for a different decorative style. In addition, when dealing with plants, the pots are always important: These must not be too small, but also not too large.

Editor: Thank you very much for your help! Finally, do you have any expert tips for plant care?

Diana Fink: Generally, plants like bright, draught-free locations. And also when plants naturally need water: Just don't water too much!

Info about the expert

Diana Fink is a designer for visual marketing and a certified master florist with her own shop: Blumenhandwerk in Neuburg an der Donau.

Editor: Mrs. Fink, you have been a florist with heart and soul for many years and have not only won various prizes, but also gained a lot of experience abroad. That's why you know all about the latest trends. At the moment the topic Greenery is highly topical, what distinguishes this trend?

Diana Fink: Part of my philosophy is to use nature as a model for my work with plants. Of course, the Greenery trend is a perfect fit! Greenery focuses on nature, especially green plants. Particularly important here are old plant species such as Sanseveria, also known as hemp, ferns or echeverias, i.e. thick-leaf plants that can store water well.

Editor: Greenery is currently particularly popular at weddings or in the private sector. Is the trend also suitable for gastronomy? And how can the trend be implemented with as little effort as possible for the dining room?

Diana Fink: Of course Greenery can also be implemented in gastronomy! Many plants are perfect for use in the dining room because they have air-purifying or sound-absorbing properties. In addition, plants humidify the air and provide a better indoor climate. If you want to adapt the Greenery trend for the dining room, you should focus above all on expressive plants with large leaves so that the trend can have the right effect. The planters should be chosen to match the furnishings, resulting in a harmonious and authentic overall concept.

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Wooden boxes with plants and decoration