Decoration trend Greenery - Set fresh accents with green plants

You want your concept to bring vitality, freshness and naturalness into your bar, hotel, restaurant or café? Then the Greenery trend is just right for you!

Deko-Trend Greenery

These plants are suitable for the Greenery decoration trend

Beautify your establishment with potted plants that will not only look beautiful and brighten up your guest room, but additionally improve the indoor climate. When choosing plant species, you should consider both what maintenance is associated with this living decoration, and know what positive properties some plant species bring. We tell you which plants are particularly suitable for greenery decoration in catering establishments and which plants even have air-purifying properties or function as natural sound absorbers.

Bildercollage des Trends Greenery

Lighting conditions

Before buying plants for your guest room, check the light and the brightness in the room! While it is very bright at large panorama windows, there are also darker corners in every room. If you want to decorate this room with the same plants everywhere, you should choose resistant species that don't care about direct sunlight or darkness. For night-only venues with very dark rooms or narrow windows, plants that require little sunlight are recommended.

Ivy (Epipremnum aureum)

The fleshy leaves of the ivy grow quickly and entwine decoratively around windowsills, shelves or ceiling hangings. Neither direct sunlight nor little incidence of light makes a difference to this climbing plant. In dark rooms, however, it grows a bit slower. The ivy is a very popular houseplant that requires little water. It feels most comfortable in rooms with high humidity. It is therefore particularly suitable for wide, large rooms such as breakfast rooms or reception areas. Dry heating air is not given to the ivy, so it should not be placed in cosy cafés or hotel rooms.

Ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses are particularly undemanding. They come in many different shapes and colors. Some species grow up to half a meter in height, some are rich green, others yellow green, reddish or even black. Even very dark light conditions do not affect grasses, which makes them perfect for restaurants or bars in cellar vaults. The long stalks also provide a dynamic look when a breeze engages them.

Our tip

Add floral highlights to the evergreen plants by setting up small vases with seasonal flowers.

Frugal plants

The implementation of the Greenery concept in your restaurant goes hand in hand with a maintenance effort that you should not underestimate. Even the most frugal plants need water from time to time to prevent the leaves from drooping or shrinking. A semi-dried plant has a negative effect on your guests, which is why you should choose plants that require little water, fertiliser or care and still look fresh. A large planter also helps prevent waterlogging, as the excess water can run off.


The beautiful yellow-green fronds of the Aspidistra are the epitome of Greenery. In addition, this palm species is incredibly robust. It grows even in very dark places, but a bit slower than in its preferred semi-shade. Neither draughts nor temperature changes can affect it, making it perfect for a uniform decoration concept in hotels or restaurants. The Aspidistra only needs to be watered a little and very rarely, but then with stale water at room temperature.


Cacti and succulents are very easy to care for. In summer it is enough to supply them with a small amount of water once a week, in winter they only need to be watered once a month. Darkness and dryness do not bother the robust plants. The fleshy leaves of some species are similiar to Aloe Veras, others are rounded, striped or thickened. Succulents can be used to decorate a variety of plant islands that have a great greenery effect with little effort.

Our tip

Make a note in the cleaning plan when the plants are to be watered. In this way you can prevent the plants from getting too much or too little water.

Kleine Pflanzentöpfe

Air purification through plants

Bars and restaurants in cellar vaults are often difficult to ventilate. Here, too, the Greenery concept is suitable and even has a positive side effect: Plants release oxygen into their environment and filter harmful substances and bad odors from the air. According to studies by the American aerospace agency NASA, plants in combination with good ventilation provide a better climate in interiors in space, as they not only convert CO2 into oxygen, but also absorb pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde and other solvents. In restaurants and bars chemicals should not occur in the air, the cleaning characteristics of the plants work however also with food or cigarette smell, fresh wall painting or new furniture, which secrete glue and paint fumes.


With its rigid, fleshy leaves, the bow hemp rises from its flower pot and can grow up to one and a half meters high, depending on the species. Green your bar or nightclub with the popular indoor plant, because the stick, also jokingly called "mother-in-law tongue", produces oxygen even at night unlike other plant species, whose photosynthesis comes to a standstill without light. In addition, bow hemp is suitable as an air filter for pollutants such as toluene, a poison produced during smoking, or the adhesive component xylene. In addition, bow hemp is an ideal humidifier because it releases more than 97 percent of the water in the form of water vapor into its environment. As a tropical plant, the bow hemp loves temperatures between 14 and 28 degrees and wants to be watered regularly once a week.

Green lily

In the NASA test, the green lily performed best as a formaldehyde destroyer: Within 24 hours, it absorbed 90 percent of the solvent from the environment. Formaldehyde is used in the production of adhesives, paints, varnishes and disinfectants, so it also occurs in the air around us. The green lily with its long, narrow leaves is an ideal decorative element for restaurants and bars because it is frugal and requires little light. The shrub-like plants withstand large temperature differences from 8 degrees to 21 degrees without any problems and only need to be watered moderately.

Did you know that…?

Depending on the sunlight, the bow hemp changes its coloration: in a bright location, the leaves become light green and the yellow markings on the leaf edges stand out clearly, in dark locations, the plant appears dark green.

Humidification through plants

Dry, dusty air pollutes the airways of your guests and employees. The Greenery decoration offers you a natural alternative to the electric humidifier. In sufficiently humid air, the dust particles that float through the air diminish, as they become heavier due to the moisture and sink to the bottom - and with them pathogens, pollens and pollutants that adhere to the dust particles. Green plants generally always release moisture to their environment. This positive property increases as the water requirement and leaf volume of each plant increases.

Raum mit Zimmerlinden ausgestattet

African linden

As well as the Bowstring hemp the African linden also gives off a lot of moisture to your ambient air. In contrast to the serrated form of the Bowstring hemp, the African linden grows as a tree or shrub, as your name suggests. On the sturdy trunk rests a majestic crown of large, light green leaves. The African linden likes bright but cool, so it is perfect for conservatories, receptions or rooms adjacent to the terrace. The care includes in addition to the daily watering cutting back in winter to preserve the beautiful shape of the crown.

Our tip

Depending on the size of the room, a room-sized African linden is sufficient to keep the air pleasantly humid.

Sound insulation through plants

In large, busy guest rooms, the noise level is relatively high. Dish clatter, glasses clinking and the conversations of the guests can be dampened by large plants, shrubs and ornamental trees, so that a pleasant volume prevails, although much is going on in the gastronomic business. At the same time, plants with large leaves ensure acoustic insulation and humidification.


The lush evergreen of the Aralia shines even in very dark bars and restaurants. The star-shaped leaves are perfect for absorbing noises and their stately size of up to two meters is particularly effective in large, high-ceilinged rooms. Aralias are particularly popular for greenery concepts in bars where people smoke. Aralias removes cigarette smoke and other unpleasant odors faster than other plants. In addition, they require very little light and feel particularly comfortable in the semi-shade. Since the plant tolerates no waterlogging, it should be poured only moderately and excess water should be removed.


Ficus Benjamini is due to the expansive growth and the many leaves ideally suited for noise reduction in large rooms. In addition, the shrub filters many pollutants from the air and is particularly effective against ammonia vapors. Its light green leaves feel particularly comfortable in a bright place without direct sunlight and drafts. Pour only moderately or moisten the whole shrub once a day with a spray bottle as the Ficus does not tolerate waterlogging.

Our tip

Place large shrubs on the corners of the room or on the walls! Thus, the foliage absorbs the noise and it is reduced to a comfortable level.