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Time to relax

The wellness area invites you to relax. To make your guests feel completely comfortable, pamper them with wellness products - from terry towels and bathrobes to high-quality wellness furniture and cosmetics.

Eine Frau entspannt mit einem Buch auf einer Liege im Wellnessbereich
VEGA Lounger Melrose - Discover now!

Pamper your guests with wellness products

ERWIN M. Frottier-Serie MEA
ERWIN M. Terry series Mea

After a stressful day at work or on a relaxing weekend, your guests look forward to one thing above all: to relax and unwind in the wellness area of your hotel. What should definitely not be missing: a comfortable lounger like Melrose. With its wickerwork made of plastic, it is UV and weather resistant - so your guests can relax comfortably indoors, outdoors or by the pool.

Fluffy terry in comfort size

An exclusive feel-good ambience is given to your wellness area by cuddly soft terry. Our wellness towel Mea promises absolute well-being with its comfort size of 1 x 2 meters. As a walk terry, it is super fluffy - so your guests can ideally snuggle in and relax. By the way, all terry towelling series from ERWIN M. are available in certified horeca quality. That means: Towels & co. are particularly hard-wearing, chlorine-resistant and almost always washable at 95°C.

Liegen mit Handtüchern und Kissen auf einer Dachterrasse
VEGA Lounger Tailor - available in different colors!

Perfectly equipped in the wellness area

A great combination: the Tailor lounger made of powder-coated aluminum and the Neapel terry towelling series. The special feel-good effect of this terry towelling is provided by the striped design, in which velour and walk terry alternate. How about a wellness bag for your guests? In it, they can stow everything they want to take with them to the wellness area - from towels to their favorite reading material. The wellness bags from ERWIN M. are made of waterproof and wipeable plastic. So your guests' belongings will always stay dry!

Sensual pleasure in the wellness area

Aufgestapelte Handtücher und eine Wellnesstasche mit Slippers und Zeitschrift
Discover Erwin M. Towel Laguna

In the wellness area your guests do something good for body and soul. In addition to offers such as sauna or massages, the ambience also contributes to this. Pay attention to harmonious, high-quality furnishings that leave nothing more to be desired by your guests. So they can switch off and leave the stress of everyday life behind.

Body and soul in balance

Balance - with this terry series, the name says it all. Because the fluffy soft fabric contains viscose, which is obtained from bamboo. Since bamboo grows back very quickly, Balance keeps not only body and soul in balance, but also nature. And the terry towelling series takes advantage of another property of bamboo: it can absorb a particularly large amount of water and is thus extremely absorbent. In addition, it pampers your guests with its very special fluffiness. For you as a hotelier, it is important that Balance is hard-wearing and easy to care for. And it can be wonderfully personalized with your logo, name or monogram.

vorbereitete Liegen mit Handtüchern für neue Gäste
Erwin M. Towel Balance discover now

Welcome to the sauna area

Enjoy the warmth and relax, feel good and unwind in an exclusive ambience: At ERWIN M., you will find everything you need to pamper your guests during their sauna session. This includes not only cozy sauna towels, but also soft, fluffy bathrobes.

Valencia: our favorite sauna towel

gefaltete Handtücher in der Sauna
Erwin M. Shower towel Valencia uni

Whether plain or striped: As an ideal sauna towel, we recommend our Valencia terry towel series. With this first-class terry in current trend colors you bring colorful variety into your wellness area. It offers extremely durable top quality with convincing advantages: The terry retains its shape after washing, and the border does not warp. In addition, Valencia is extremely absorbent, cuddly soft, easy to care for, and colorfast, chorine-resistant and boil-proof (with the exception of intensive colors). Clearly, our customers love Valencia!

You want to give your terry a very personal touch? With your individual lettering, logo or emblem, you make towels and bathrobes unmistakable and promote the recognition value of your hotel brand. Find out here about the possibilities of personalization, our embroidery service will be happy to implement your wishes for you.