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In the past, the coffee cup was enough

Kaffeegläser und Expressoglas Dila von VEGA

Until a few years ago, it was customary to drink coffee from a normal coffee cup. After all, there were not yet the different coffee specialties that are available everywhere nowadays. Today, in addition to normal coffee, you can also choose between cappuccino, latte macchiato, mocha, espresso and various other varieties. Of course, you can also buy the appropriate coffee machines for all these varieties. These coffee specialties usually have a larger quantity than a cup of conventional coffee, so that the normal coffee cup is no longer sufficient here. Therefore, for all connoisseurs of such coffee specialties, there are also the corresponding coffee mugs and coffee glasses in various designs and the most diverse shapes. Coffee glasses, for example, have the advantage over the coffee mug that they are transparent due to the glass and so you can clearly see the different layers of coffee in the latte macchiato.