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What types of displays are there?

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For your catering and hotel business, a professional impression is a basic requirement. This includes various types of displays, with the help of which your guests can find their way around your establishment. Basically, a distinction is made between card holders, table numbers and reserved signs. We recommend that you include sufficient supplies of all three in your inventory:

  • Card holders are used for storing your menus. Customers first orient themselves to the appropriate menu holder when looking for the menu.

  • Table numbers provide the necessary structure and avoid chaos within your catering and hotel business. They help staff assign customers and food to the correct table. Table number holders are of important importance for the regulated everyday work in the gastronomy.

  • Reserved signs do not need much explanation in their necessity. This type of name tags allow avoiding unnecessary discussions between guest and staff. Unnecessary waiting time is avoided and your staff continues to stand for quality, reliability and friendliness.

A table display according to your taste

With us you have the choice between different types of materials: Wood table stands, metal table stands or classic plastic table stands. Many of VEGA's models are also available in two versions: with and without labeling options. Table stands that can be labeled can only be used once, but they make table assignment much easier and are therefore especially in demand in larger restaurants. Table displays that cannot be labeled, on the other hand, can be used several times and shine through their design.

The design of your card holders, table numbers, reserved signs and other displays is entirely up to you thanks to the large selection at LUSINI. Customize your card holders to your catering and hospitality industry by choosing the right material, color and design.

Quality menus: sheets for everyday use

Menu cards, sheets and wine lists are constantly in use in the catering and hotel industry. Therefore, a good processing of the "menu cards sheets" is of central importance. We use for our menu cards and wine lists, sheets with a paper thickness of 90 g/sqm, which is also printed on one side, copyable and suitable for all laser printers. Our insert sheets for acrylic displays are also made of 170 g/sqm cardboard and are suitable for printers. Durability and robustness are in demand in the gastronomic life - and we can serve with that. As you can see, we at LUSINI make a point of ensuring that menus, sheets, table displays and all other items for displaying your menu and beverage offer meet the highest standards. Just test us!