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Baker hats

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Baker's hats for men and women at LUSINI

Bäckerin mit Bäckermütze

Our range of baker's hats rounds off our bakery supplies and baker's clothing. As you will discover, we interpret the baker's hat in many different ways. We not only offer the classic, wide, balloon-shaped hats for bakers, but also headscarves, baseball caps and steward's hats. You don't necessarily have to equip your team of bakers with white caps, but can find many different colors to match your baker's outfit.

Large selection: from classic to modern

The baker's hat is rather tight on the forehead and rather loose and balloon-shaped on the head. However, other cap shapes and variants can also be used to effectively prevent hair from getting into the dough or bread. This is why we have decided to offer modern interpretations of the baker's hat in addition to classic baker's hats.

Practical and functional design

All our baker's hats are designed for professional use. For this reason, functionality and ease of use are paramount. The caps or cloths can be put on or taken off in just a few simple steps. This means you can quickly change the cap if it gets dirty or wet from sweat. This is an invaluable advantage, especially in the hot bakery and in the often hectic baking business.

Buy baker's hats - many designs and variations at LUSINI

Whether you're looking for a pizza baker's hat or a modern baker's hat, you can discover many different variations of baker's hats online here in the LUSINI online store.

The classic - the typical baker's hat

This form of baker's hat has probably not changed over the centuries. It is still made from cotton today or, in a modern version, from a blended fabric. On the one hand, this promises maximum wearing comfort thanks to high breathability and, on the other, easy and hygienic cleaning. This is particularly important in hygienically sensitive areas such as bakeries.

The headscarf - for baker rebels

Why not take a different approach in the bakery? Especially as the headscarf is very practical in the bakery. It can be put on quickly and adjusted to the size of your head. At the same time, it gives your bakers an unconventional look. You can find headscarves for bakeries in many different colors. Select the scarves that best match your workwear with just a few clicks.

The baseball cap - the sporty, casual look

The baseball cap has long since found its way from the baseball field into casual fashion. The baseball cap has also arrived in the world of work, as you can see here in our selection of baseball caps for bakers.

The Steward's hat - simply practical

Many people know the Seward's hat from the military sector, but it is also used in commercial kitchens and catering establishments. It can also serve its purpose in the bakery. Our disposable Steward's hats are very practical. They can be replaced quickly if necessary and immediately provide a hygienic, clean head covering to comply with applicable hygiene regulations in bakeries and when handling fresh food.

Why do baker's hats exist at all?

Typical baker's hats not only look impressive, they also fulfill a very practical purpose. On the one hand, they prevent hair or sweat from getting into the dough or onto food in the bakery. At the same time, they protect the wearer's hair from dirt or dough residue. It is not for nothing that suitable headgear is mandatory in food processing companies.

You can buy a large selection of baker's hats online at LUSINI - top quality, worldwide delivery.