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Baker trousers

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Baker's trousers and pastry trousers for men and women at LUSINI

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Baker's trousers for men and women are common workwear in the bakery. They are comparable to chef's trousers, which are classic work trousers in the kitchen. Just like chefs, bakers need plenty of freedom of movement and a high level of comfort. At the same time, the fabric and design must not be delicate, because when preparing doughs, glazes and fillings, it is easy for spills or splashes to land on the trousers. It is therefore all the more important that these work trousers are made from robust and durable fabrics that are easy to clean. Here in the LUSINI online store you will find even more than just work trousers for bakers, namely baker's jackets, baker's aprons and matching baker's hats to round off the outfit.

Baker's trousers checked or modern in black

Like chef's trousers, baker's trousers are also classically checked. The so-called “pepita design” made of alternating white and black yarn has a long tradition. It not only looks chic, but is also very practical. This is because stains are less visible on the checks. Here in the LUSINI online store, you will find checked baker's trousers as well as modern interpretations of the trousers in black and in the latest trend colors.

Elastic waistband, drawstring or belt loops

As a baker, you spend many hours in the bakery and work physically hard. Comfortable workwear is essential. That's why we offer baker's trousers with elastic waistbands, drawstrings or practical belt loops. This allows you to adjust the waistband of the trousers perfectly to your body shape. This ensures a comfortable and perfect fit.

Baker's trousers from affordable to exclusive

If you bake for a show bakery or want your bakery team to have a very attractive appearance, the look plays an important role. Here in the store, it's best to choose our exclusive baker's trousers in black. If you need a lot of trousers for a large bakery, you can opt for our inexpensive baker's trousers. Regardless of what you choose, with workwear from LUSINI you always benefit from first-class quality and excellent value for money.

Material: cotton & polyester

Baker's trousers must be breathable and easy to clean. That's why we use cotton or polyester for our baker's trousers. Both fabrics ensure a high level of comfort. They are also easy to care for and can be washed at high temperatures. Ideal for meeting the high durability and hygiene requirements in the bakery and confectionery trades.

Baker's trousers for men & women

Our pastry chef's trousers or baker's trousers are available in styles for men and women. Select the appropriate version with just a few clicks using our product filters.

Choose the fit of your baker's or pastry chef's trousers for optimum comfort

We offer three different fits for your baker's trousers:

  • Regular fit: These trousers are straight and wide cut. They offer a lot of freedom of movement and are very suitable for people with stronger legs or for bakers who want more width.
  • Comfort Fit: These baker's trousers have a slightly more tailored cut, but are still wider.
  • Slim fit: These trousers are ideal if you want a close-fitting pair of work trousers. Thanks to stretchy fabrics, these trousers are very comfortable to wear.

Buy top quality baker's trousers online now - naturally from LUSINI, the trusted partner of the catering and bakery industry.