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Chef accessories

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Chef accessories - professional accessories for your horeca business

You are already equipped with a professional chef jacket, a chef trousers, a chef hat and a chef apron and you still need chef accessories that are chic and practical at the same time to complete your professional clothing? Whether it's a hair band, a scarf or disposable gloves: at LUSINI you'll find your favorite chef accessories in absolute top quality and at an affordable price.

Professional equipment from JOBELINE: Chef accessories like hair bands, neckerchiefs & gloves

Köchin mit weißer Kochjacke und Haarband Curly von JOBELINE

Professional chef accessories not only give your chef outfit that certain something - in gastronomic establishments they also fulfill important functions.

A hair band is especially important for chefs with long hair: it keeps the hair out of the face and thus ensures comfortable working. Worn on the forehead, it also absorbs sweat. We offer practical jersey forehead hair bands that easily adapt to any head shape thanks to their elastic.

Neck scarves
Triangular shaped neckerchiefs have also become popular professional equipment. The neckerchief serves as an effective sweat catcher and protects your neck from inflammation that can occur due to the temperature differences in the kitchen, cold room & barbecue area. The neckerchief is tied at the front of the neck with a simple knot or an ordinary tie knot.

At JOBELINE, you can expect fashionable neckerchiefs in numerous colors such as taupe, bordeaux, grey, red, black and white, which can be easily combined with any chef's clothing. With the rounded look, you create a serious and coherent overall impression. Our scarves are characterized by a pleasant wearing comfort and high durability.

Various reasons such as a food allergy, the use of hot spices or the preparation of odorous or staining food make the use of gloves inevitable. That is why in our range you will also find functional disposable gloves in various sizes that are resistant to oil, grease and chemicals. Thanks to their high elasticity, they fit perfectly to your hand and therefore do not restrict you at all when cooking.

The advantages of professional & high quality chef accessories from JOBELINE

At JOBELINE, we want to make sure that your work in the professional kitchen is as comfortable as possible with our helpful cooking accessories. Accordingly, we are constantly improving the function of our accessories such as disposable gloves, triangular neckerchiefs and hair bands. Cooking accessories from JOBELINE offer you the following advantages:

  • Various colors, materials & sizes:
    All cooking accessories from JOBELINE are available in different styles. Choose the ideal model for your personal requirements from numerous materials, colors and sizes.
  • Robust & durable:
    The materials of the scarves, hair bands and gloves are particularly robust and withstand the high stresses of everyday life in the catering industry.
  • High quality & durable:
    At JOBELINE, quality is a top priority! Our chef accessories convince with durability and accompany you so many years.
  • High quality perfect addition to your chef clothes:.
    Our accessories for the professional kitchen guarantees pleasant work and completes your outfit coherently.