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Ball buttons

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Safe & chic: ball buttons and button plackets from JOBELINE

Kochjacke in der Farbe Navy mit passenden Kugelknöpfen von JOBELINE

The classic double-buttoned chef jacket is still part of the look of top chefs in the upscale restaurant industry. Depending on the model, twelve , ten or six ball buttons close the chef clothing up to the neck, guaranteeing protection from heat, dirt and splashing liquids. Replacement buttons and button plackets from JOBELINE let you continue to use your chef jacket even if buttonholes tear out or ball buttons are lost. With our various colors, shapes and designs, you can coordinate the plastic ball buttons with the style of your establishment or stand out from your kitchen colleagues with personal motifs.

Traditional companion - the ball button on the chef jacket:

History of the ball button

What today serves the safety of the chef still protected the button at the beginning of the 19th century: double buttonholes on chef jackets were closed at that time, as were cuffs, in order to be able to remove the precious buttons before washing. One of the earliest testimonies of the ball button is an engraving in Marie-Antoines Carême's standard work "Le Maître d'hôtel français". In this picture, the pioneer of French cuisine, who catered Napoleon's wedding, shows chefs in classic chef jackets fastened with the typical ball buttons.

Advantages of ball buttons on chef clothing

The small balls used to close the chef jacket guarantee quick opening of the chef jacket without tearing off, snagging or damaging the jacket. Injuries from splashing or burning fat and other hazards on the stove can be minimized or even avoided.

Kugelknöpfe uni in der Farbe Navy von JOBELINE

Own style:
Only very few kitchens still follow the color code for ball buttons. Colorful ball buttons in red, blue or green now set color accents matching the corporate identity of your gastronomy or coordinated with your own favorite color. Our flattened ball buttons in silver or gold match a noble ambience, with pirate or soccer motif on the buttons you easily individualize your work clothes.

Button plackets: How to wear your favorite chef jacket even longer

JOBELINE chef jackets are made for heavy daily wear, so you can enjoy your workwear for a long time. Buttonholes are subject to special forces when they are washed frequently or constantly buttoned. You can easily replace worn-out or torn buttonholes with button strips that are simply sewn onto the jacket. Replacement ball buttons and button plackets extend the life of your chef jacket, whose comfort and features you've already grown to love. You can also replace lost or broken ball buttons cheaply and save money.

Our tip

Matching the trend color denim and the casual chef jackets in denim look you get ball buttons in copper that look like rivets on blue jeans - a detail that skilfully rounds off the style of your chef team.