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Chef aprons

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Chef aprons from JOBELINE: Practical all-rounders for the horeca kitchen

Zwei Servicekräfte mit Latzschürze und Vorbinder

Even if the chef clothing with chef jacket, chef trousers and chef shoes is already complete for many: An additional chef apron offers some advantages! Not only does it protect against stains and preserve the chef clothing, but it can also be changed more quickly if something goes wrong. But a chef apron is not only practical - it's also a great way to make an extra style statement in the kitchen! That's why from JOBELINE you'll find not only chef jackets, chef trousers, chef shoes, chef hats but also a wide range of chef aprons perfect for everyday use in the horeca kitchen.

High quality materials

  • Cotton and polyester
    The material standard for our aprons is cotton or a blended fabric of cotton and polyester. Therefore, our chef aprons are very robust, durable and can be cleaned in the washing machine in the normal wash cycle at 60°C. The light, pleasant fabric can also be easily ironed and is very easy to care for. The all-round talent for every area.
  • Teflon coating
    For those who want something a little more special, an easy-care chef apron with an innovative Teflon coating is the right choice. This oil, water and dirt repellent and thus ideally protects against stains, grease splashes and co. Anyone who wants a particularly easy-care chef apron should opt for such a professional apron.
  • PVC
    A professional apron made of 100% PVC also provides ideal protection against stains and is easy to wash off: dirt doesn't stand a chance here. The back has a pleasant woven structure - making the apron very comfortable to wear.

Chef aprons in various lengths

  • Complete protection from top to bottom
    For all those who like to spill once in a while and are quickly covered with stains and splashes, all-round protection with a bib apron is a good idea. This not only protects the pants, but also the upper body. With a neck and waist band, this is adjusted to the body size and thus always fits well - without slipping. Our range of bib aprons includes different lengths. How long should your bib apron be? Choose for yourself.
  • Protection for the whole lower body
    If you especially want to protect your lower body from annoying stains, you're right with a apron. These can be quickly and easily tied around the waist and protect the loin and leg area from dirt. For even more comfort and suitability for everyday use, it is best to choose a bistro apron or an apron with a walking slit.
  • Protection for hips and thighs
    Do you not need so much protection, but would like to have a lot of freedom of movement? Then you should opt for a short bistro apron or an apron. With these, you can move around quite freely without the apron becoming heavy after wearing it for a long time. But only the upper leg area is protected from stains. Nevertheless, you can quickly wipe your hands or attach a tea towel.

Chef aprons for every style

  • Classic
    When choosing colors, you should match the style and ambiance of your restaurant. If you want it to be more classic and elegant, subtle colors like white, black or grey are the way to go. Striped kitchen aprons also look classic, but are a bit more fancy. Muted colors are particularly suitable for all chefs who like to slip the wooden spoon once in a while.
  • Modern
    A little funkier and more modern are colorful chef aprons or chef aprons with patterns or prints. They set colorful accents in the kitchen everyday life. Here you can decide entirely according to your taste and the color ambience of your gastronomy. Or structure your kitchen crew with the help of different colors: So everyone knows immediately who belongs to which position - whether chef, sous chef, patisserie, trainee or kitchen help.
  • Trendy
    A mixture of modern and noble represents our range of trendy aprons. These chef aprons convince with trendy materials and colors: for example a chef apron made of denim or in linen look. Or how about something more robust with a leather apron? Especially for show kitchens or open kitchens, a stylish outfit for the chefs is a great way to wow the guests

Your LUSINI advantages with chef aprons

  • Personalization
    No matter which color, length or style you choose: Your chef aprons become even more individual with our personalization service. At LUSINI, you can have your chef apron printed, embroidered or lasered with your name, logo or emblem in a completely individual way. This way you convince your guests with a personal look and strengthen the image of your gastronomy.