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Aprons - indispensable in kitchen and service

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Along with chef jackets, aprons not only belong in the kitchen, but are also common workwear for waiters and service staff. The advantages of the apron are therefore obvious: It protects against stains and soiling of clothing and ensures a uniform appearance at the stove, at the pass and in the service in catering establishments. At LUSINI you can buy aprons online in proven horeca quality and in a large selection.

What types of aprons are there?

Aprons come in many different varieties. Depending on the design, they are more suitable for service staff or for chefs. Here is an overview:

  • Aprons: These aprons are also called bistro aprons or waiter aprons. They cover only the hips and reach to the knee. Their purpose is to protect this area from stains that may occur when picking up or preparing drinks and food. Aprons have a band with which they are simply tied around. This makes them easy to change and put on.
  • Bib aprons: With this variant, the entire front upper body, including the legs, is protected from dirt. Bib aprons are used where there is a risk of dirt from stains or splashes of grease and sauce, i.e. by kitchen staff, patissiers or baristas. Chef aprons can also be simple aprons.

Aprons can also be classified based on the material. For example, denim aprons are both practical and stylish accessories for service personnel. Leather aprons, on the other hand, are robust and suitable for service. Aprons with pockets are often used, especially in the service area. They provide space for the waiter's pad, pens or a mobile cash register system for taking orders.

Waiter aprons - one apron, several functions

Waiter aprons are designed to protect the clothing of service staff from soiling by stains. At the same time, waiter aprons with pockets are practical because they provide space for important work tools such as order pads, lighters or receipts.

In addition, waiter aprons as workwear ensure a uniform and thus professional appearance in the service. If you buy aprons for your bar or restaurant, you can use embroidery of aprons to personalize the products and have your company logo applied. LUSINI offers many ways to personalize aprons according to your individual wishes.

Buying aprons - this is what you should pay attention to

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When you buy aprons, the particular type of apron should fit the purpose. Aprons are more suitable for service, while the classic bib apron provides the necessary protection in the kitchen or kitchen applications.

Furthermore, the appearance also plays an important role. White aprons look very friendly, however, stains on them are immediately visible. If you are looking for a fashionable apron variant, aprons in denim look are a very good choice.

Aprons for gastronomy - which materials are easy to clean?

Horeca aprons are characterized by the use of high-quality and robust materials. After all, this is workwear and not just a fashion accessory.

As easy-care materials for horeca aprons are suitable mixed fabrics of cotton and polyester. They are easy to clean and less wrinkled after washing.

Barista aprons - what distinguishes them?

Barista aprons are classic bib aprons that are usually chosen in darker colors. The muted colors ensure that stains from beverages do not stand out as much and the staff offers an attractive appearance even after a long period of use. Due to the long bib and the length up to above the knee, the clothing of counter staff is protected from milk splashes during frothing or coffee stains during brewing when preparing coffee specialties.

How should an apron fit?

An apron should fit as snugly as possible. This ensures that the fabric does not impede kitchen staff or service personnel when working. However, aprons should not be tied so tightly as to restrict movement. Waiter aprons are best tied so that the knot is at the back. Some professionals tie the apron first and then place it over the knot so that the tie is no longer visible.

Buy aprons now and benefit from excellent horeca quality and a wide selection at LUSINI!