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Work shoes

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Work shoes - an overview

LUSINI work shoes are available in various designs. They are all suitable for use in the catering, kitchen, service or hotel industry. In contrast to conventional shoes, work shoes are characterized by specific safety features, high material quality and robustness. Work shoes are therefore classified into specific safety classes.

You can find these professional shoes here:

  • Chef shoes: Anyone who works in the kitchen has to have good stamina in the truest sense of the word. For this reason, chef shoes must be particularly comfortable and offer a high level of wearer comfort. At the same time, a non-slip sole ensures stability even on damp floors. In commercial kitchens or when handling large kitchen appliances, safety shoes for the kitchen are recommended.
  • Waiter shoes: Service staff are on their feet just as much. In addition to a robust sole, waiter shoes should also have good cushioning. This ensures that service staff tire less and their joints are protected.
  • Nursing shoes: Contrary to what the name suggests, care shoes are also used in the hotel industry. These comfortable yet robust shoes are worn by cleaning staff. These are often comfortable mules or clogs.

Work shoes for men - classics in black

When it comes to work shoes for men, the color black usually dominates. The classic men's shoes in the catering industry are often lace-up shoes. In contrast to work shoes for women, men's shoes have a wider cut and are available in larger shoe sizes up to 47.

Women's work shoes - more elegant shapes

When it comes to work shoes for women, they are usually characterized by a slightly narrower fit. There are also certain models, such as ballerinas, which are designed for women working in service or at reception.

Regardless of whether you buy work shoes for men or women, these special shoes are always characterized by a high degree of slip resistance, comfort, durability and robustness. Most of the work shoes available from LUSINI are unisex models, i.e. suitable for both men and women.

Catering work shoes - more safety in the kitchen and service

In addition to very good cushioning and comfort, catering shoes must above all offer suitable slip resistance (discover an overview of our non-slip shoes) and a high level of slip resistance. After all, waiters and waitresses, as well as the entire kitchen crew, have to spend many hours on their feet every day. Our products are available in various designs for service staff or for the kitchen, so there is something to suit every requirement and area of use. Elegant work shoes for women in the catering industry include ballerinas, for example. However, this footwear is not comparable to conventional shoes, as catering shoes are characterized by a very high level of comfort. After all, waitresses, waiters and kitchen staff have to be on their feet for many hours every day.

Protection classes for work shoes

The so-called protection classes can be used to precisely define which shoe is ideal for which work application. At LUSINI, we distinguish between two protection classes for the catering and hotel industry, namely the occupational shoe (without toe cap) and the safety shoe (with toe cap). Within these protection classes, which are tested in the laboratory according to DIN standards, there is also a subdivision into the various safety levels (protection class table: Protection classes for occupational and safety shoes.

Our range of work shoes includes various models that are more than just casual shoes and are equipped with a number of other features, such as certified slip resistance in accordance with the SRC standard, antistatic properties and energy absorption capacity in the heel area.

This is important when buying work shoes

When buying work shoes, in addition to the sole and design, you should also pay attention to the protection classes and safety levels, as these are mandatory in some companies.

Cleaning work shoes - practical tips

Cleaning work shoes is best done in the same way as conventional street shoes. Care for the upper material with leather or synthetic care products, brush off coarse dirt regularly and never clean the shoes in the washing machine. You will then benefit from long-lasting work shoes that will accompany you faithfully in your day-to-day work in the catering or hotel industry.

Buy work shoes online now - proven quality and safety at LUSINI.