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Safety shoes

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Professional shoes for catering industry

Sicherheitsschuhe Trainer Pro mit Alukappe von JOBELINE

Work shoes for the catering industry are available in many different facets and designs. However, all models have in common an antistatic and shock-resistant sole with excellent slip resistance and resistance to oils, fuels and acids. Professional shoes for the catering industry are generally equipped with a steel toe cap and offer an antibacterial lining, which is characterized by extremely high wearability as well as being breathable, waterproof and easy to clean. Often, protective footwear can also be steam pressure sterilized and is machine washable. There are models for both women and men.

Safety shoes for catering industry

Work shoes and safety shoes for the catering industry protect your feet primarily from falling objects and from hot surfaces thanks to special features. This type of professional shoe is also excellent for outdoor work, as it always keeps the foot warm thanks to a special lining. The models are characterized by a high level of robustness, as well as the use of high-quality materials.