Hot drinks for winter

When the days get darker and colder again, hot drinks like punch and grog may not bring back the summer sun - but they do make you feel cozy and comfortable. So it's a good idea for the restaurateur to have more than just simple coffee, tea and hot chocolate on the menu as a warming drink - for business, too. After all, if you advertise and present your offer attractively, you can look forward to additional sales.

Kaffee mit Zimt und Sternanis

Everyone knows that with the seasons not only habits change, but also preferences for food and drink. Whereas in summer, people tend to opt for "light cuisine", in winter they like to reach into the spice box. Recipes for tea, hot milk drinks or coffee are then refined with cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, cloves, anise, nutmeg, coriander, cardamom and saffron. No wonder: These spices not only brighten the mood, but also stimulate the circulation and immune system - an extremely pleasant side effect, especially during the cold season. Served in matching tea/coffee glasses or cups, hot drinks such as apple punch with cider or hot cocoa with a shot become the perfect winter treat.

Eierpunsch aus Übersee - Eggnog

Eggnog from overseas

The Christmas drink par excellence in the USA! Without eggnog, or eggnog in the States, Santa Claus doesn't enter the house. Originally the eggnog comes from Great Britain, the Americans have reworked the recipe a bit and tip in compared to the British significantly more rum with. But, as the name suggests, it needs above all: eggs. The rule of thumb is: 1 egg yolk per cup. Add milk and cream, sugar, vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks, and of course rum. A pinch of freshly grated nutmeg can be added for good measure, and Santa Claus will be delighted with the eggnog when he puts his presents under the tree.

Wärmendes von der Insel - ein Whisky-Apfel-Punsch

Warming from the island

Scottish or Irish? Whisky or whiskey, whichever you prefer, the Whisky Apple Punch is quick to prepare and tastes absolutely delicious, with just a few ingredients. A little sugar, half a liter of apple juice, apple slices and whisky. The warm apple juice, mixed with sugar, is infused with the whisky and the punch is ready. For a spicy note provides a piece of ginger, which is boiled with the apple juice.

Würzige Wacholder - Punsch mit Gin

Spicy juniper

How about gin? The juniper schnapps is also great enjoyed warm! Heat orange and apple juice together with cloves, cinnamon bark and orange peel, season with a little ginger and let it steep and finally add the gin. So it will warm up quickly after the stroll through the Christmas market!

Winterlich warmes Getränk - aromatischer Aperol

Aromatic Aperol

It gets hot and southern with the Hot Aperol. The liqueur can not only be enjoyed sparkling, it is also a real treat when warm. Heated with orange slices, apple juice, orange syrup and white wine, the Hot Aperol is quickly prepared and tastes very delicious. It will make you feel like you're on the beach in Tuscany in the winter in your cozy living room.

Heiße Schokolade auf Italienisch

Hot chocolate in Italian

Not only children love the taste of hot chocolate, especially in winter. After all, cocoa is said to make you happy. One reason for this is that it contains the amino acid tryptophan. And from this the body produces the happiness hormone serotonin. Restaurateurs can make their guests particularly happy by serving hot chocolate in winter in the Italian style - as "Cioccolata calda. The difference between this and the familiar version is that it is much thicker. And there's a reason for that: In addition to milk, chocolate and cocoa powder, the recipe for the winter drink from Italy also includes starch (corn, potato or rice flour). And that's what makes the "Cioccolota calda" so creamy. But regardless of whether you opt for the German or Italian version of the hot chocolate - the cocoa is classically served in white cups, but colored accents are also allowed and provide variety, especially in winter.

Hochprozentiger Kaffee in einer Tasse

High-percentage coffee from Switzerland

No one will be surprised to learn that coffee is by far the most popular hot beverage among Germans. In purely statistical terms, every German citizen drinks around 160 liters of it a year. Whether espresso, cappuccino or caffè latte - the various coffee specialties have long since become established. So it can't hurt to offer a slightly different variant in your establishment during the winter. How about "Kafi Luz", for example, which originates from Switzerland and stands for "Lucerne coffee"? The special feature of this specialty of the Confederates: A very thin coffee (1 dl) forms the basis for the recipe. This is then refined with a fruit schnapps (apple/pear), the so-called Träsch, as well as two to three sugar cubes - ready is the "Kafi Luz". Invented in the 18th century by farmers and farm workers, this hot drink enjoys great popularity in Switzerland in winter. It is classically served in a tall coffee mug. Double-walled glasses give the drink a modern look.

Glühweintassen und Glühweingläser

Classic mulled wine Scandinavian refined

Who would have thought it? The history of the so popular mulled wine - about 65 percent of Germans visit the Christmas markets because of this red hot drink - goes back to antiquity. The "conditum paradoxum," or "exquisite spiced wine," was first mentioned in the 2,000-year-old recipe book of the famous Roman gourmet Apicius. To make the wine last longer, it was boiled down with honey and spiced with bay leaves, saffron and dates.

Probably every gastronome has his own recipe for the hot wine. And nevertheless it cannot hurt, if one refines the classical perhaps once in Scandinavian kind. Because also in Europe's north the hot beverage is extremely popular in the winter and known as "Glögg". Cardamom, cloves, ginger, dried orange peel and cinnamon give it a slightly different flavor. Served in matching glasses, the hot drink is based on wine and brandy with a Scandinavian twist.

Holländisches Wintergetränk

Winter in Dutch

If you're a restaurateur and want to really surprise people, put a Dutch winter drink on the menu of your kitchen - namely "Koek-en-Zopie", which is a must everywhere, especially when ice skating in Holland. The recipe sounds a bit peculiar, but tastes delicious. A beer is brought to a boil with cinnamon, cloves and lemons, then mixed with eggs, sugar and rum. And to top it all off, in winter "Koek-en-Zopie" is served in style in a cup in the national color of the Netherlands - orange.

Winterliche Tafeln und Tischaufsteller

Winter boards as the best advertising space

The best recipes of winter drinks are of course of little use if no one knows about them. So advertising is the order of the day. But what's the best way to go about it? Sure: If you are represented in the social networks, you can of course post pictures of the new winter offer here and thus entice guests. But the best advertising space is the location itself! Because here guests are directly confronted with the gastronomy. With the smell, ambience and offer of the location. If an appealing slogan on a display then draws attention to the winter hot drinks such as grog, apple punch or tea punch, the guest is already as good as won.