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Shaked, stirred, crushed or iced? The perfect bar equipment for every drink!

Cocktails are popular drinks with guests. But what makes a perfect bar equipment so that all cocktail wishes can be fulfilled? We explain what you need for chilling, dispensing, mixing and garnishing.

Die perfekte Barausstattung - von Shaker über Dosierer bis hin zum Sieb und Glas

No bar should be without these tools and aids

Whether it's a hotel bar, cocktail lounge or whisky bar - the equipment of the counter requires expertise, both in terms of the drinks on offer and in view of the various wishes of the guests. Do you appreciate sensational, colorful cocktails and long drinks with spectacular decorations? Or do you serve high spirits and exclusive spirits minimalistically in tumblers so as not to distract from the fine taste? In addition to choosing the right glasses , professional bar accessories are crucial when creating stunning drinks. We explain what you need for chilling, dispensing, mixing and garnishing


The right temperature plays a major role in the taste and enjoyment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. In addition, spirits, juices or carbonated mixed drinks stay fresh and usable longer if they are appropriately cooled. In addition to spacious coolers, bar coolers allow for easy control of beverage temperature.

Bottle cooler

The taste of champagne, sparkling wine or white wine unfolds best when chilled. To ensure that the opened bottle retains the perfect drinking temperature at the guests' table, use a bottle cooler whose insulated shell stores the effect of the ice long and reliably. Whether discreet black, polished metal or appealing design - the bottle coolers from LUSINI fit seamlessly into your aesthetic bar concept. A conference cooler can also be used to cool up to six beer or water bottles.

Our tip

With the practica table bracket Peros you attach the bottle cooler Gamay stylishly at the table of your guests without wasting space.

3 verschiedene Größen von Flaschenkühler und Eiseimer in Kupferoptik
VEGA Bottle cooler Vallejo

Ice buckets and ice cubes

No cocktail without ice: Use practical ice cube molds for special or fancy ice cubes. The square compartments of the ice cube mold Michigan, for example, are large enough to enclose whole fruits in the ice cubes. Get creative and surprise your guests with cocktail cherries in ice, for example. Use an ice bucket to keep your ice supply from melting too quickly. With a diameter of almost 30 centimeters, it offers enough space for ice cubes or crushed ice, which is protected from melting water by an integrated drip insert.

Our tip

Provide one container of ice cubes and one container of crushed ice. Crushed ice cools faster due to the larger contact surface of the ice. As a result, it is mainly used to tone down cocktails with a high alcohol content (Long Island Iced Tea or Caipirinha) and to dilute particularly creamy cocktails (Swimming Pool or Pina Colada).


The taste of fine drinks depends on precisely coordinated nuances: Experienced bartenders therefore rely on hygienic bottle tops and dosing aids that enable precise and clean pouring of spirits.

Ein Barkeeper richtet ein Cocktail an und gibt einen letzten Tropfen hinzu

Dosing aid

Time-saving and accurate, VEGA's dosing attachments fit most liquor and juice bottles. The pourer Geronimo measures out exactly 2 cl without dripping or sticking. Working with the pourer Neon is particularly straightforward, as it is easy to clean and can withstand heavy use. Black light makes the eye-catching coloring of this 2 cl or 4 cl pourer glow, which provides an additional eye-catcher in your bar.


Rely on qualitative pourers from VEGA and benefit from the standardized pouring speed regardless of the level or bottle shape. Integrated metal caps or plastic corks also prevent the bottle from dripping and thus ensure hygienic cleanliness. Pouring attachments in different colors also allow you to unerringly reach for the right ingredient.

Our tip

With wine pourers made of stainless steel or plastic, you can let wine flow quickly, evenly and, above all, free of tartar into the glasses.


Cocktail mixing is a science that requires precise knowledge of the ingredients, the flavors and their molecular structure. Foamy drinks must be shaken appropriately, while other cocktails must be stirred only gently. Some fruits and herbs must be cut or crushed before they release their flavors.

Barkeeper füllt den Cocktail aus dem Shaker in ein Glas mit Limettenscheibe
Ein Barkeeper vollendet den Cocktail in einem Rührglas

Cocktail shaker

The use of a cocktail shaker is emblematic of the entire profession of bartending: the clinking of ice cubes while an exotic mixture of high-proof and fruity drinks is being made already conjures up an inkling of the cocktail on the guests' lips. The shakers from VEGA fit perfectly in the hand to cool the ingredients as quickly as possible by shaking and to create a fine foam. Whether completely made of stainless steel or with vinyl coating as cold protection for the hands - the cocktail shakers are characterized by high-quality material and ideal handling.

Mixing glasses

A conscientious bartender will conjure up exquisite cocktails and drinks in no time in a high-quality, heavyweight mixing glass. Above all, cocktails consisting exclusively of alcoholic ingredients can be found, for example, in the high-quality mixing glass Ines and are mixed there with ice for half a minute. Thus, on the one hand, the ingredients combine with each other and on the other hand, the desired temperature is reached. The thick-walled glass has a secure stand, lies well in the hand and ensures drip-free serving of the cocktail with a pouring lip.

Our tip

With the professional bar sieve Arizona you can quickly and easily separate the drink from excess ice cubes or solid ingredients such as herbs or fruit.

Bar spoon

As simple as a bar spoon may seem, it provides versatile service behind the bar. Cocktails whose ingredients are not thick or difficult to mix (cream, syrups or juices) are usually stirred by a long-handled bar spoon in a mixing glass filled with ice. By carefully circling the spoon, no air bubbles are trapped in the drink and no foam forms. In the case of so-called built drinks, the individual ingredients can be selectively poured into the glass by a bar spoon without risking a mixing of the layers. This creates, for example, the typical layered look of a B 52 or a Tequila Sunrise.


To extract your flavors from lime, mint, basil or cucumber, experienced bartenders use a pestle. The pyramid-shaped serrated ends injure the surface of the ingredients, allowing the liquid ingredients to absorb the flavor. The stainless steel pestle Princeton allows comfortable and easy squeezing of fruits and herbs.

Our tip

Use the pestle carefully and gently, because mint or lime often become bitter when pressed too hard.


The final touch to a long drink or cocktail is an attractive decoration. There are no limits to creativity when using fruits, herb sprigs or spices.

Cocktail glasses

The right glass for your cocktails not only ensures a visually appealing presentation, but also that the drink can fully develop its flavor. Depending on the cocktail recipe, the appropriate glass shape should therefore be used - this shows professionalism and makes the cocktail a special experience for your guests. You can find out which glass is suitable for which cocktail in our Glass 1x1.

Pickers and straws

Whether a playful firework picker, a colorful straw or a discreet knot picker – matching accessories like the disposables from VEGA add the finishing touch to cocktail creations. In just a few simple steps, a slice of pineapple is stuck to the rim of the glass, crowned by a grape and cherry skewer. The obligatory olive in the Dry Martini looks classy and stylish on the flag picker.

zwei Cocktailgläser modern dekoriert mit Glasstrohhalmen
VEGA Cocktail glass Sara
Zwei angerichtete Cocktails in modernen Gläsern
VEGA Drinking glass Emma
Our tip

Make bar organization easier with the bar caddy Widnes which can be used to store cut fruit in a hygienic and orderly manner.