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Glass 1x1

LUSINI, your supplier for catering supplies and bar accessories, informs you in our Glass 1x1 about the different types of glass and their usual use. So you always make a professional impression as a bartender, even if you deliberately break the rules and serve the martini once creatively in the highball glass.

verschiedene Glasarten in einer Reihe aufgestellt

Martini glass, tumbler or hurricane glass? As a bartender, know your cocktail glasses!

In the right cocktail glass, the cocktail not only unfolds its flavor, but is also presented visually - because, as we all know, the eye also drinks. But which cocktail goes in which glass? That's the key question among bartenders. Some profess to be revolutionaries and free spirits and give free rein to their creativity, while others stick strictly to the old school.

Discover 15 different types of glass:

Cocktail glasses & Long drink glasses

Hurricane glasses & Fancy glasses

The hurricane glass tells of summer, tropical heat, palm trees and a light summer breeze. The experienced bartender also knows it as a fancy glass or balloon glass - which name you prefer is up to you. What is important is that you know which glass you are talking about and which cocktail goes into the popular cocktail glass. The hurricane glass is tall, bulbous, curved and has a short stem - sometimes it is wider, sometimes narrower, sometimes larger, sometimes smaller. It holds about 300 to 500 ml.


Standard cocktails & tropical mixed drinks e.g. Mai Tai, Touch Down, Sex on the Beach, Tequila Sunrise & Co.

Ein Cocktail ist ein Hurricaneglas angerichtet
Ein leeres Hurricaneglas
Our tip

The tall hurricane glass can handle rich decorations. Garnish the cocktail with exotic fruits or iconic cocktail umbrellas.

Martini glass

The martini is one of the few cocktails that claims a glass all to itself: The martini glass. The martini glass is a cocktail tip, the more pointed form of the cocktail bowl. Accordingly, it is a goblet-shaped glass with a long style. The long style prevents the cocktail from warming up due to the body heat of the hand. Thus, the drink always tastes fresh. The martini glass has a filling volume of about 250 ml. Due to the smaller capacity, the cocktail tip is particularly suitable for stronger cocktails.


  • Martini Dry
    But not all martinis are served in a martini glass: A Martini Rosso is at home in a slightly smaller glass without a stem, and a Martini ROYALE is best served in a red wine glass.
  • The classics e.g. Manhatten, Sidecar etc.
Ein Martini ist klassisch mit Olive in einem Martiniglas angerichtet
Ein leeres Martiniglas
Our tip

An elegant glass like a martini glass doesn't need any superfluous frills: Add a sugar rim, salt rim or an olive on a toothpick to emphasize the spartan elegance of the glass.

Highball glasses & Long drink glasses

The highball glass takes its name not from a single cocktail, but from an entire type of cocktail: highballs. So long drinks? Is that why the highball glass is also called long drink glass? The difference between long drinks and highballs is known to be debated… Serve both highballs (drinks made from a spirit and carbonated beverage such as soda water or ginger ale) and long drinks (drink made from a spirit and a filler such as juice or soda) in the tumbler. The highball glass or long drink glass is available in different sizes and shapes, but usually includes about 250 to 500 ml.


  • Long drinks e. g. Cuba Libre, Mojito, Vodka Lemon
  • Highballs e.g. Gin & Tonic, Scotch & Soda, Moscow Mule, Ginger Beer
Ein Cocktail ist in einem Longdrinkglas angerichtet
ein leeres Highballglas in geschliffener Optik
Our tip

A long straw, many ice cubes or crushed ice belong to every highball! Present your cocktail in a different way with a curved highball glass or long drink glass with a polished look..

Margarita glass

Like the martini, the margarita also lent its name to a glass. The margarita glass is very similar to a cocktail bowl or even a champagne bowl, but it has a curved shape. Like the martini glass, it usually holds about 250 ml.


All variants of Margarita

Ein Margaritaglas mit Erdbeer-Margarita und Limettendeko
Ein leeres Margaritaglas
Our tip

Cocktails in a margarita glass are usually served without ice. Nevertheless, you should always mix the cocktail with ice in the cocktail shaker.

Tumbler & Whisky glass

The tumbler is a rather short, wide glass with a thick bottom. Its name derives from the English word "to tumble". The naming comes from the formerly round bottom, which caused the glass to sway back and forth or slant. Today, you can still find tumblers with round bottoms like the whisky tumbler Drelio from VEGA. The tumbler holds approximately 150 to 400 ml.


  • Pure drinks "on the rocks" e.g. whisky, whisky sour
  • For tasting spirits, on the other hand, the tulip-shaped nosing glass is more commonly used
Ein volles Whiskyglas
Ein leerer Tumbler
Our tip

The cocktail in the tumbler is best served with a small straw.

Discover selected cocktail glasses

Wine glasses & Sparkling wine glasses

Red wine glasses

Red wine glasses are bulbous and have a large opening. The voluminous goblet increases the surface area of the wine and thus aerates it better, which in turn allows its aroma to develop ideally. The stronger, fuller and more complex the aromas, the larger the diameter of the glass should be.


Red wine

Ein gefülltes Rotweinglas
Ein leeres Rotweinglas
Our tip

For the ideal development of your wines, think also about the appropriate decanter.

White wine glasses

Since white wines rarely need to be aerated, the goblet is less bulbous and relatively small. The stem is all the more important in a white wine glass, because white wines are drunk at a good temperature. Due to the smaller goblet, the filling quantity is reduced. This means that the wine stays in the glass for a shorter time and is well chilled until the last sip. Again, the stronger and more aromatic the wine, the larger the diameter of the glass.


White wine

Ein gefülltes Weißweinglas
Ein leeres Weißweinglas mit Muster
Our tip

You only have a narrow drinks menu? Then use the white wine glass for various wines - even sparkling wine can be served in the all-round talent.

Sparkling wine glasses & Champagne glasses

The right glass shape is also very important for sparkling wine. Flat bowl glasses are often used for optical reasons, but these allow the carbon dioxide to escape too quickly due to the large surface area of the liquid. Narrow sparkling wine glasses or champagne glasses are more suitable here. To create beautiful bubbles, sparkling wine and champagne glasses are purposefully given a small flaw, the mousse point, during production. This cast-on point or ground spot is located on the inside of the glass, away from the central axis, and causes the carbonic acid bubbles to settle there and rise as a fine line.


  • Sparkling wine
  • Champagne
  • Aperitif
Ein gefülltes Sektglas
Ein leeres Champagnerglas
Our tip

Desserts prepared with sparkling wine can also be nicely served in sparkling wine glasses. How about a prosecco zabaglione, for example?

Champagne bowl

The champagne bowl stands out for its elegant appearance. Traditionally, it has a short stem and a wide and shallow bowl. However, this glass is not really suitable for enjoying champagne, as the champagne quickly stops bubbling due to the large surface area in the bowl and then tastes stale.


  • Champagne
  • Cocktails
  • Aperitif
Eine gefüllte Champagnerschale
Eine leere Champagnerschale
Our tip

Perfectly suited for building a champagne pyramid - a real highlight at your next event or wedding!

Discover selected wine and sparkling wine glasses

Shot glasses

Shooter & Shots

The smallest of all drinking glasses, but no less popular, is the shot glass. Named after the colloquial term for high-proof spirits, a small shot glass always holds 2cl the large one 4cl. As for the shape, whether with or without a stem, the glass widens towards the opening - perfect for drinking the liquor in one gulp.


All high-proof spirits

Ein volles Shotglas
Ein leeres Shotglas
Our tip

Also try layered drinks in shot glasses- the different densities of the liquids create beautiful colorful layers in the glass that don't mix together.

Liqueur glasses

Liqueur glasses often look similar to wine glasses - they are just a bit smaller. The somewhat bulbous shape serves to allow the aroma of the sweet liqueur to develop freely and thus release the full drinking pleasure.



Ein gefülltes Likörglas
Ein leeres Likörglas
Our tip

Take advantage of the full diversity of the world of liqueurs and offer them seasonal liqueurs. Why not try out a few recipes yourself and offer your guests homemade liqueurs.

Grappa glasses

Similar to wine or martini glasses, grappa glassses are also specially designed for drinking the Italian distillate grappa. With its tulip shape, the glass supports the full development of the special aroma of this drink. Characteristic of grappa glasses are the long stem and the bulbous goblet with a high chimney - this is not filled, but concentrates the aromas. Even if they have a larger capacity, grappa glasses are still filled with only 2cl.



Ein gefülltes Grappaglas
Ein leeres Grappaglas
Our tip

After pouring, you should wait 10 to 15 minutes so that the clear distillate can develop optimally in the glass.

Discover selected shot glasses

Beer glasses

Wheat beer glasses

A wheat beer glass is long and tall in shape, has a slight waist, and opens up again at the top. The reason for this shape: The carbonic acid rises only slowly to the top, a nice head of foam can develop and the beer stays sparkling longer. The reinforced bottom of the glass also allows for a hearty toast. German wheat glasses hold 500ml of delicious beer - so with good pouring technique and moderate foam, there should be room for a full bottle.


Wheat beer

Ein volles Weizenglas mit schöner Schaumkrone
Ein leeres Weizenglas
Our tip

Since wheat beer often produces a lot of foam - especially if poured incorrectly - the glass should be briefly rinsed with water before pouring to wet the glass. This prevents the formation of foam somewhat.

Beer mug

The beer mug, also called stein, is the oldest beer vessel still used in large quantities today. It can be made of glass, stone, tin or ceramic and is characterized by a cylindrical or conical shape. Also typical is the handle on the side of the mug, and in traditional variants often a hinged lid with thumb latch. A beer mug holds a half or whole liter of beer. With a filling quantity of one liter, one speaks in Bavaria of a Maßkrug.


  • Light beer
  • All mixed beer drinks
  • Non-alcoholic beer
Ein voller Bierkrug mit schöner Schaumkrone
Ein gefüllter Steinkrug mit Bier
Our tip

Beer mugs are also great as a collection vessel for cutlery and napkins.

Beer tulip

The classic beer tulip has a short stem with a bulbous glass that tapers again toward the top. Similar to the red wine glass, the shape of the beer tulip allows the aromas to develop particularly intensively. The slight tapering towards the top concentrates the aromas and the relatively low carbon dioxide in the beer can tingle for longer. The tall shape of the glass carries the tart flavor of the beer far into the mouth. The popular beer glass is usually 0.33 liters.


  • Pilsner
  • Black beer
  • Ale
Eine Biertulpe gefüllt mit Bier und schöner Schaumkrone
Eine leere Biertulpe
Our tip

If you are not using beer felts, you can also place beer collars around the stem to catch any foam or condensation that runs off.

Glass or Crystal glass?

The right cocktail glasses not only set the scene for the cocktail, but are also part of the overall appearance of the store. Therefore, you should not only make the right choice for your bar in terms of the type of glass, but also in terms of the glass material and the glass quality. Generally, a distinction is made between glass and crystal glass. Each material brings its advantages and disadvantages and is better or worse suited for an individual purpose. Glass (normal glass) or soda-lime glass is made of sand, soda and lime and is the most common. Crystal glass is colorless, highly pure and has increased light refraction. Its exclusive appearance is especially suitable for special occasions. Glasses made of plastic are also available for purchase from LUSINI with the Kanpo series. The unbreakable glasses are particularly suitable for festivals, street food bars or for spa areas.


Verschiedene Größen von Gläsern aus Glas in einer Reihe


  • Less expensive
  • More elastic and resistant
  • Easier maintenance


  • Less transparency than crystal glass
  • Less gloss

Crystal glass

Verschiedene Größen von Gläsern aus Kristallglas in einer Reihe


  • Higher quality appearance & quality
  • Higher glass density
  • Beverage color comes out better


  • More expensive maintenance


Verschiedene Größen von Gläsern aus Plastik in einer Reihe


  • Indestructible
  • Light


  • Poorer quality than glass